Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Callings

Well I have told this story to most, but I want to post it to remember it and also for those who don't know yet. So here it is....

Last Tuesday was just a normal day. I was at work and got off at nine. I got home and Ben said he had called me a couple times. I asked him why and he said our Bishop had come over earlier to meet with us and asked if they could come back when I got home. So he was calling to let me know. I was kind of confused to why they wanted to come over. I thought since a new Bishopric had just been called that they wanted to just come to meet us. And I have always gone to the church to get a new calling. I didn't know they went into homes to do that. So I didn't think much of it. They said they would come at 9:45. Ten came around and I didn't think they would come over anymore. A few minutes later the Bishop called to see if it was ok to still come over. They asked how we were doing and if we enjoyed the ward. Then he said "Well it is getting late so I will get to the point". He released us from our callings as Primary CTR 6 teachers. We love our class and I was pretty sad to hear we were being released. He first gave Ben his new calling. He is now a ward missionary. He will be great at it. Then he was about to give me mine when he asked us if we had been to Stake Conference that Sunday. Ben and I looked at each other and laughed a little and said no and told him we had gone to hear his Sister talk. So the Bishop told us that they called our Primary President to be the Stake Primary President. So I was thinking oh I will probably be a counselor in the presidency. Then he said we would like to call you to be the new Primary President. I was shocked for a minute. I love working with kids so I gladly accepted. I know how hard the calling is and how much work goes into it. So I just kept thinking am I capable of doing this? After they had left so many things were running through my head. Of course the first thing Ben says to me is "Oh President Trujillo". We read scriptures then I tried to go to bed. I couldn't because so many things were going through my head. So I went and watched TV. I finally went in to bed around 2 and still couldn't fall asleep. When I did fall asleep I had a dream about it. Since we have been in Primary most of the time in the ward, I don't know a lot of people. The Bishop gave me some suggestions for my counselors that night and told me he would call me on Thursday night. For those two days I did not stop thinking about it. I was able to go to the Temple on Thursday and I am so glad that I went. Later that night he called me and we decided on my counselors. I don't know them very well, but I have seen them and I can tell they are great from what I have seen from them. I'm excited to work with them and get to know them better. I am thankful for this new calling and I know I will learn a lot from it and I look forward to be around the kids more. They have such sweet spirits. I have always loved serving in the Primary. And I have had a very good feeling about this calling since I got it. It brings a smile to my face knowing that I am trusted to lead these children. I love the children I have been able to teach and look forward to working with all of them again and getting to know the other ones as well. I am thankful to my ward for sustaining me. It meant a lot. My first counselor emailed me when she found out and told me she gladly accepted and that meant a lot to me. I know I have great counselors. I did sharing time and enjoyed it. I was pretty nervous and being Easter I didn't have all the help I could have which is completely understandable. It was a challenge and I am thankful for it. After church our last Bishop's daughter came up to me and asked how long I was going to be in Primary. I told her I wasn't sure. She then told me that if anyone ever laughs at me to just ignore it. She said that she always wants to yell at them telling them that it is rude and that we are new and are getting use to things. She was sweet. She is around ten years old. I thanked her for understanding. I am also thankful to some of the ward members who came and congratulated me and told me I would be great. Our Relief Society President came in, our recent Primary President gave me a hug and said I would be great and was excited for me. Her husband told me that he taught his class and asked them how they would feel to be called to be Primary President on Easter Sunday? He said he knew he wouldn't be able to do it. That made me laugh. Also I am thankful for our Bishop. He is a great guy and has given me a lot of support letting me know that I will do great. I am so thankful for this calling and know I will enjoy it!


Well Easter has come and gone and it was great. We first celebrated Easter a couple weeks ago with my family. We first had dinner. My mom made a whole turkey and ham there was a lot of food! And of course it was delicious!
Well my last post I tried to upload a video of my nephew Jack being trained to pick up the eggs, but it didn't work :( . Jack was pretty excited and he did go for an egg at first, but realized it was money not candy and he saw all the other candy laying around. So he went for that. Maybe next year Dan :)
Well there was snow on the ground so we had to do it indoors. My mom hid the eggs on the main level and the upstairs. Us kids always get pretty into it knowing there is always money in the eggs. So I imagine we are pretty funny to watch. We like to push each other around and my brother always seems to push me into a door when we do it indoors. It is pretty hilarious. We had a blast! We all thought we were done until we looked through our eggs, but my mom said we still hadn't found the golden egg so we all went charging. Ethan was the lucky one! Go E! She also hid the movie Tangled for each family to have. I love our tradition. Ben was pretty mean this year he would find an egg then take the money out and hide the egg again. We then frosted sugar cookies of course and had dessert. I wasn't able to get pictures, but it was a great night thanks mom!

Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before, Ben's sister Jen gave a talk in their Sacrament Meeting. We were having Stake Conference so we decided to just go to hear her speak instead. She did a great job. After church we went up to the Dyer's. I played some basketball with my nephews and Ben. We played lightning. It had been a long time since I played that. It was a lot of fun. We had dinner with the family then my dad came over to make sugar Easter eggs. That was my Grandma Grossen's tradition and it had been a long time since I had done one and I'm glad we were able to. It brought back a lot of memories of her. The kids had fun decorating their eggs. And we really enjoyed it.

Here is mine and Ben's egg.

Thanks Dad for putting it all together and doing it with us! Love you!

On Saturday we got together with our friends Jess and Josh. We decided to dye Easter Eggs. It had been awhile since I had done that. It is fun to do traditions you haven't done for awhile. We had fun and we all got pretty creative. Thanks Josh and Jess for having us over!
Here are some pictures of the night.

Easter Sunday we went up to Layton to celebrate with Ben's family. When we got there the kids had to do their egg hunt. They are pretty fun to watch. And it turned out to be great weather when it was suppose to be a stormy day. We were thankful for that. After they found their eggs we had dinner. We had ham, potatoes, veggies, and a delicious bread bunny. Then the kids went out and hid our eggs. They were pretty excited to do that. They did pretty well. They also have a golden egg in the Easter Egg Hunt and it was the last one to find as well. We had to play hot and cold for it. It ended up being in the cable box. I lifted it up and saw it in there and did not want to put my hand down there. Trav went for it. I love Easter and all it's traditions, but I'm thankful to know the reason we do celebrate. I'm thankful for Christ's crucifixion and I know he was resurrected and know that we will be resurrected as well. I love having Easter and Christmas to focus more on Christ. Then we played some Minute to Win it games. I don't think I could ever be on that show. Both times that we have played those games I didn't do very well, but I had a blast. It is fun to watch everyone else do it as well. We also did a relay carrying an egg in our spoons. That was fun. It was a great day. Thanks for such a great day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr Vito

This one's for you sweetie. Olympic snowboard Phenom and with Brit better known as Dancing with the stars Celeb Louie Vito. Saw him up at Canyons sessioning the park so I had to get a photo with him since Brit loves that show so much.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April so far...

April has been a good month so far. The only thing that could make it better is the weather :( I feel like we have gotten more snow this month than we did in January. I'm just hoping it doesn't last. I'm ready for some warm sunny days!

Well we started the month with Ben's mission reunion. His mission president is from Columbia. He is in the quorum of the seventy so he has been able to come to Salt Lake which makes it a great opportunity to have a mission reunion. This was the second time for me to go to his reunion. Everyone was speaking Spanish. I could pick out a few things, but I don't know much. Ben's mission president told Ben that he needed to translate for me. It is great to be able to meet the people Ben served with and his President and Family. His President is a great guy and I am so glad I have been able to meet him. The reunion was at one of the Elder's homes. They had Mexican food of course. The meat was delicious. Then we sat around and went around having everyone say what is going on in their life. Then the President talked for awhile. It was a great night and even though I didn't know what anyone was saying I enjoyed it. I look forward to the next reunion.

Here we are with his president, his wife, and one of his daughters.
Here is a picture of The president and family and his missionaries.
That weekend was General Conference weekend. Saturday was not a very busy day up at the Spa so I was able to watch/listen to all but one talk. I was thankful for that. I enjoyed every talk. One of my favorites was Henry B. Eyring's it was on Service. He mentioned the primary song: "Have I Done Any Good In The World Today" I love that song and think of it often. He spoke on how the Lord provides ways for us to help. We always have sympathy for those in need of help and we need to turn it into an act of service. Take the opportunity whenever and wherever it happens. I loved that and just wanted to re-share it :) That night during priesthood I went with my in-laws to Thanksgiving Point for a girl's night. We first did some shopping then ate at their cafe. Their food is delicious. Then we stopped at Ikea for some cinnamon rolls. It was a fun night! Thanks for inviting me! Sunday was great as well. We were able to go watch at Ben's sister's house. It was a great day. And I would re-share it all! I'm grateful for those who spoke and know they were all prompted to speak on what we needed to hear.

After conference we went over to my parent's for dinner. Dinner as always was delicious. We teased this little girl for awhile. She is a cutie. Like her brother at the same age would make this squished face when the orange light on the camera would go on. I didn't get a good one of it, but she is adorable and I love her.Well my mom is going to be in New York with my sister and her family for Easter so we are having Easter Sunday at my parent's tonight. So last week my nephew was playing with toys and some of the toys my mom has is play food and in there is some plastic eggs. In the easter eggs is cash instead of money. My mom told my brother that Jack gets a head start. So he decided he needed to train him on how to get the eggs fast. I got some good videos of it. They are below and we will see if his training worked. I will post soon about our Easter at the Grossen's.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Never mind

Never mind on the whole previous post about, Spring has Sprung. This was the view from our Garage Sunday morning. Spring has officially not sprung! I repeat, Not sprung.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Spring has Sprung here at the Trujillo household in the WJ, it's supposed to be 70 degrees today so I guess my snowboarding days are numbered. I know Brit and I are stoaked to get working the yard as well as getting our garden going.