Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Portland, OR 2013

We had a great time in Portland last weekend. We will try and post more photos later.
Here is a video of Avery’s first time sledding. Not sure what she thought as her facial expression didn’t really change but I did have fun with her and can’t wait to do more fun stuff like this with her. Thanks to the GoPro for the video.

Andy and I were able to go snowboarding at Mt Hood.  I look forward to snowboarding with Andy at each chance we can get. I strapped my GoPro onto a pole and held it off a jump. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time.

 Brit was a hot commodity at the house, the Boys were wanting her to play games with them or they were more than willing to help bathe Avery.  I think those boys would play video games all day long if they could, I think every 20 mins Loggan or Park dawg would come up and ask “Can I see your phone?”. The go to excuse was “Oh, sorry buddy it’s almost dead so it’s charging”

 Oregon is a very pretty state, especially when it’s sunny and in the summer.

Sledding, Yay!

The plane ride there was so so, back was good until about 20 minutes left then she had a mini melt down :(

Mt Hood

Parker and Avery

Ben and Mt Hood. It is somewhat rare to get a sunny day there in the winter so we were loving it.