Monday, October 27, 2008


About 2 weeks ago it snowed for the first time here in the Valley. My roomate, Reeder and I drove up the canyon one sunday morning to meander around in the first Freshies of the year. It was cool to be in the snow again and feel that chill in the air. Although it had since warmed up considerably and the snow has gone the way of the Do Do Bird. There isn't anything in the Forecast as far as Snow goes in the next week to 10 days. Although it did get me excited for the upcoming snow season.

I guess it is some sort of yeary ritual for Reeder to do a Snow Angel every time he hits the snow for the first time. Here is Reeder keeping true to his word, even in his sunday best. He ain't Skeered

As usual we hit up the Motocross track on Sat. Morning. I wasn't sure I was going to make it as I wanted to go to the BYU VS. UNLV game. (BYU Won) But alas the game didn't work out and I went to the track. I am giving my bike a little TLC right now so it wasn't ready for me to ride. I just went along and snapped a bunch of photos of everyone, here are a few of my Favs.

A-bag and his little guy Gavin. (Gav-Gav) He didn't really fuss too much with all the noise from the bikes. Nice A-bag you got a winner there!

Beck railing a burm.

Beck on one of the 60 foot doubles

Sunday night we got together at Moms house in Layton. My mom always knows how to get the family together. I love going there and spending time with the family. We had a Pumpkin carving contest. Here are the entires. Although I think the judging was a little off.... Kylee won.

Whats wrong with this picture? Ages-11, 7, 5 and 28.......

I went to the Burton Snowboard Premire at the Gateway. It was fun to see the new video they have coming out this season and hang with the Pros. Here I am at the afterparty playing some Air Hockey with a future Olympic Medal Winner Danny Davis. Rememeber that name for Torino 2010.

Last night we were able to carve up some Pumpkins in celebration of Halloween. We did it at my place after my soccer and had a pretty good time.

For some reason my buddy Travee and I always make this pose whenever taking pictures. So this one is for you Travee.

Here is the finished product. Brits' "Spookey Tree". My "Witch of the Northwest" in comemoration of Andy and Rachy. Mine from Sunday. And Blake's and his dates "Grim Reaper" I think they all turned out pretty good.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lake Powell October 08

In case you have been living under a rock here in Utah you are probably already aware of Real Salt Lake and their new Stadium in Sandy. Brit and I had the chance to go to the inagural Game. Our seats were pretty good and the stadium is awesome. It probably looks even better durinf the day with the Mtns in the background. As you can see from the pic it was a pretty chilly night. Unfortunatley RSL tied 1-1, but hey it's not a loss right! We had a good time and ended up sitting next to a cool couple that we chatted it up with and got to know.

A Bunch of friends (about 17 and mostly from my singles ward) and I were able to take a nice October trip down to Lake Powell. I had only been there 2 times before so i was really excited to go down there and enjoy the vacation. The two previous times I went was in the dead of summer so I was a little sceptical as to what the weather was going to be. But alas the weather was awesome. 80 and sunny every day we were there. Even though I am not super into Wake Boarding I had a great time. Although I was wishing we had brought the Air Chair. Here are some photos of the vacation.

I love the scenery in Lake Powell

Setting sun

The Crew at Rainbow Bridge

Natalia, Jerad, Reeder driving the boat, Jillyn, Me, Mike, and Josh in back

Panoramic with Travis Skeen and Blake

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aunt Naomi & Familia

My Aunt Naomi passed away about a week ago. She lived in East Carbon just outside of Price. She married my Dad's brother George. We would go see her at her house from time to time when I was young but more recently we didn't get out there as soon as we would have liked to. I do remember spending time at her house with my cousins and her being a great cook. She was a great person and one of the few members of the Church on the Trujillo side of the family. My Uncle Steven told me she was very proud that I had served a mission which made me feel good.

Click HERE for the Obituary.

Jen, my parents, Amy and my Dad went the funeral sevices on Friday. My Dad grew up in East Carbon and I have been there a handfull of times although for some reason we have never been to the resting place of My grandmother ( My dads Mother) in East Carbon. We went and paid our respects to her as well as Henry, my brothers brother that passed away at the age of 11. I never had the chance to meet either of my grandparents on the dads side of the family as they both had passed away before I was born. But I do truly believe that I will see them again one day after this life. I so look forward to talking to them and can imagine if either of them are anything like my Dad they were and are great people. That will be an awesome day! My Dad drove us around little East Carbon and showed where he used to hang out as a youth. I could tell he enjoyed teaching us about where he grew up.
My Grandmother Charlotte's Head Stone.

My Uncle Henry's Head Stone. (My middle name is Henry)

My Pop's pointing out to Jen and Amy the house where he and his 13 siblings grew up!

My Cousin Kristi, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Erma and Madeline drove from Ogden for the services as well. I enjoy seeing them when we go to Ogden. They are very supportive. I will always remember the fact that they came to the Airport to see me off on my mission.

My Cousins and Aunt Naomi's Children

George Jr., Steven, Lois, Georgia, Kathy, Diana, and Bobby.


Life is way too short. Spend time with your family now when you can.