Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Late again

Man it seems like life is crazy these days and the blog updates have taken a back seat. Although I do like doing it because it's a good photo journal to look back on.
We have had a few BUSY months and a lot has happened. Disney Cruise, Thanksgiving, Buying a house, Christmas, New Years and Selling and Buying a Car. Where do I start....

We went on a Disney Cruise in early November. It was a blast and we and the kids had a wonderful time, It was fun to hang out with the family as well as see the Herways that live back east.Here are some photos of the trip as well as a video I made with my GoPro. Disneyworld for 3 days and a 7 day Disney Cruise on their new ship. It was fun!



Also a video from Lake Powell Trip in Fall 2014


Gettin things started off right. The girls were pretty darn good on the flight.

Not sure why Avery was sad in this photo.



I saw Steve Young so decided to get a photo. Needless to say he looks a lil different without makeup and hair done for ESPN.

Image result for Steve Young ESPN

The girls, nay, all of us were pooped on the drive home from the beach in Jamaica.

On the drive back to the ship our tire blew out in our Jalopy of a taxi. We pulled over and all got out while the driver changed the tire There was a little shack store kind of off the beaten tourist path and this guy had hand made purses, etc. He made this little flower for Avery while we waited and we just had to buy something. I really enjoy this kind of stuff and enjoyed giving my money to someone like that rather than the sharks in touristy areas.

The food on the cruise was second to none.

One of our stops was Cozumel Mexico. We got to see some cool Ruins and buy a sundress for the girls.

In December we got to finally move into our new house! It was awesome and everything worked out great. We now live in Lehi, just south of Thanksgiving point. We are excited about our ward and neighborhood. We live on a Cul De Sac which is super nice, and I heard there are 60 kids on our street alone. Can't wait for the girls to get out and play and make some new friends.

This winter has been lack luster to say the least but I have been able to get up a handful of times.

Christmas was fun and it was a blast watching Avery open up her presents. Can't wait for many more Christmas' to come.

Family Sledding trip with the Gneitings while we had some snow down here in the valley.

Averys first time at Chuck E Cheese and she killed it with the tickets!

Fun watching my Nephew play some hockey.

We got a good storm around New Years so we decided to cruise up the Canyon and take some impromptu family pictures.

We stayed up at Snowbird thanks to Richard and his yearly time share at the Cliff Lodge. We always have a great time and we were able to get Avery out on the snowboard and skis a few times.

The weather during Jan and Feb have been very mild. One Saturday Avers and I soaked in the sun and took a trip to a friends awesome Motocross Track up in Coalville/Wanship.  I love spending time with her outdoors.

We decided to upgrade our vehicle situation and get something a little more roomier. It was a tight squeeze in the Mazda with 2 car seats. We said goodbye to the Mazda and said Hello to a Nissan Pathfinder.

Brit painted/Stenciled Averys room and it came out Awesome. She did a great job and had a ton of patience with the Stencil sheet process.