Friday, April 25, 2008


Probably the twentieth time I have blogged about family, motocross or snowboarding

I was able to go to and visit Andy, Rachel and the boys. Here is a photo of Benson B (or bendun Buh as he would say it) in his Baseball cap. The next Babe Ruth? What a happy kid.

Drew, 50/50 to F/S

Benny, Nose Press


Drew, Board slide to bum

Drew at Ski Bowl

My Bro in law Trav on the step-down jump at Jordan river the other day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008


I think you can tell a lot about a person. One thing is the car they drive and second are their shoes. So I took some photos of a few of my friends shoes. You be the judge what kind of person they are.

Cole, notice the hole in the left knee? It comes from endless hpurs of shuffling across the floor playing mo-mo's.

Shaffer. Cool dude DC"s.

Brittany, she's a small gal so she is sporting size 5's.

Blake, no he doesn't work construction.

Jenny, Button button who's got the button? Jenny does.

Sis. Jen.

Ky, getting ready for dance.

Tells, sporty shoes.

Ben. where are my sunglasses?


Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st place!!

I really enjoy riding and racing my motocross bike and the first race of the year was Saturday 4/12 at Rocky Mtn. Raceway. I have raced there a few times a year in years past but this year I want to race the whole series (9 races there) and try and win my class overall and get a big trophey. I am in the over 25 Junior class. Myself, Kelly Skeen (finished 2nd in his class), Travis Skeen (finished 1st in his class), Kory and a few of his buddies all went out and raced. We all had a great time and no mater what the results in was a great evening with family and friends. I raced my two motos and I took first over all! I was very happy as I have never finished first. Here is a photo of my first place plaque. Good start to the season!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So my buddy Mo owns the Suger House Blindside and is usually able to cut away from the every day tasks of being a shop owner and go shred. I called him up on tuesday and sure enough he was down to go on Wed. We went to The Canyons and and had a great time. The snow was great as was their park. I can't believe everything is closing within a week. We were still getting fresh pow... Mo is a cool guy and I enjoy riding with him. He runs a solid snowboard/skateboard store and I would reccomend anyone to go in and check it out. Salt Lake StoreThe Salt Lake store is located in Sugarhouse. It is located on the north west corner of the Wild Oats building on Highland Dr. and 2100 South. Phone: 801-412-9200 Ask for Mo or Nick. Check out their web site. BLINDSIDE

MO doin a good old fashioned frontside on the down bar.