Friday, January 20, 2017

Starting off 2017

I have a calling to clean the church.  Usually we do it for a month, every 3 months. 
They recently changed it to 3 months in a row, then off for 6 months. Should be interesting since we clean the church twice a week so that means roughly 26 cleanings in a row. It will be nice to have 6 months off after that though. 
The girls and Brit usually come and help when they can. Usually they are all great helpers.

Heading to the Dumpster.  Garbage Pale Kids

We recently took the girls bowling for the first time. There is a Bowling Alley here in Lehi we took them too. It was a good time and although none of us scored any record highs, we all had a good time.

Avery yelling "go ball go, go ball go"

Mckenna was determined to pick up and carry the ball herself. We only had one instance of a smashed finger.