Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tis the season

A quick post on the last few weeks. With Christmas, my b-day, New Years and everything else there was plenty to post about.

I have been able to go up to The Bird a few times in the past few weeks. They have a tunnel there they opened a few years back to access the back side of the Mtn. it is nice to go back there because this time of year that's where the sun is shining.

The Tunnel

The view is awesome when you leave The Tunnel.

This view is awesome too! Yeah boy!

I got a few sweet gifts for Christmas and my B-day. I got hooked up with a Sonicare toothbrush.

And a sick Jazz hat.

One night we were able to head down to Temple Square and see the lights. I got a few cool shots with my camera.

The gang up at the Bird. Me, Claudi, Travee, Richard.

Brits sister Mel is in town with her family. Their daughter Rachy getting dirty in the kitchen.

Tells got a sweet Telescope from Santa for Christmas, wants to see all 9 moons of Jupiter.

Brit got some accessories, as well as a Grape Vine inspired scarf.

Tommy working on his Mid range jumper.

Brit got 2 cute pea(?) coats. A green one (here) and a black one.

Jake and Tommy doing some "body sledding"

For my B-day we invited a few friends to have dinner at The Rio. I love that place.

Birthday cake, Coley was pretty antsy to blow them out for me, but as you can see there were only two candles. A 3 and a 0 :(

Brit made a sweet Motocross themed B-day cake for me. Instead of saying over the hill, it says over the whoops. Thanks sweetie.

Here are two videos, the first of Cole and shay and their new slot car track, the 2nd is of cole on a sick "twack" I made in front of their house.