Thursday, July 7, 2016

Avery's Pinkalicious 4th Birthday Party

Avery had been wanting an Elsa party, but when I gave her the other option of having a pinkalicious party there was no going back. She loves everything Pink!

Avery was super anxious all day for her party to start. She was so excited! She also loved helping me set up.

My little Pinkerella!

This girl loves pulling silly faces and couldn't leave this picture out :P

Birthday Girl and guests all dressed in pink!

We started the party by reading the book Pinkalicious.

 Then I gave everyone wands and put pink sparkles on their faces.

Then we played musical chairs, but instead of not enough chairs I put pictures of either pink cupcakes or green food on the chairs and whoever got green food was out.

I didn't have enough chairs so I had to put some on the floor :)

Then we had dinner. Ben picked up some pizza and we had Watermelon and Strawberries for the pink food then so no one would turn pink :) we had green grapes, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery for the green food. We also had Pink Lemonade.

After dinner we played pin the cherry on the cupcake.

Then opened presents.

Then sang Happy Birthday and had Pinkalicious Cupcakes!

McKenna still thought it was her birthday :) and wanted to blow out the candles again.

Avery had a great time and I loved seeing her so happy and enjoying the party.

McKenna turned pink ;)