Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Funny story: Whenever Avery is getting into trouble (climbing onto the table and standing up, throwing food on the floor, getting into the pantry, spilling milk out of her bottle on purpose, unraveling the TP, or just generally making a mess, etc) I clap at her to get her attention and tell her no. The other day we had some friends over and their boy that is around 3 yrs old sat in Averys chair, she then claps at him to get him to move....Gotta love her.

She still loves food.
She saw me put on deodorant, now she always grabs it and tries to put it on herself. Problem is she tries to put it under the same arm of the hand she is holding it.
She kinda does the hand signs to "popcorn popping". My favorite part is at the end when she waives her finger back and forth.
She has learned to peel her own cutie but always wants us to cut the slices in half before she will each them.
She can brush her own teeth (well...kinda)
she can make a bunch of animal noises
She still isn't really talking
she will grab our finger and lead us to whatever she wants. (usually the fridge)
When we say "squeeze" she will squeeze her hands tight
When we say "Eyes" she will squint her eyes
We go get the mail just about every day and she will grab the mail key and get it ready in her hand to put in the key hole.
she still picks her toe jam when we take her socks off but now she wipes it on the floor. Really Aves?
She will play ring around the rosie
she always wants her blankey and teddy to take a nap or go to sleep at night
She likes to make car noises when she has a car to play with
I would always pat her on the back when hugging her, now she does the same to you.