Sunday, May 31, 2009

Disney Cruise 2009 son!

So as usual I am just going to let my photos do all the talking. I went on a Disney Cruise this last week with Brit and her family. We flew into Orlando Florida last friday after work and got back this morning (sunday). I had such a good time and it was probably the best vacation I probably have ever taken. I usually just do Moto or Snowboard type trips so it was nice to go on my first cruise and go somewhere tropical with nice beaches. Sat. the day before we came home we had the change to go to Disney world too. It's amazing how big of an empire Disney is with the various parks! It took me about an hour just to upload the photos and videos so unfortunately the pics are out of order, it would take me too long to sort them chronologically, so hope you enjoy the pics as I had a great time. One thing I realized is how big Disney was in my life as a child. I remember watching so many of their movies, Aladdin, Little Mermaind, Beauty and the Beast, and all the cartoons like Tail Spin. Big thanks to Brits parents and family for having me along. Hopefully they didn't get too sick of me and my lame jokes and antics.

Epcot at Disney world

Animal Kingdom and the Everest Ride

We were able to hit up 3 different Islands, this one is owned by Disney, called Castaway Cay

On a bike ride throughout the Island

Castaway Cay from the ship, they have one of the ship they used in Pirates of the Caribbean Movie.

Semi-casual night

They had various activities to do during the days we were at sea. Kit decorating, mine was Jazz and RSL inspired. I took it with my to castaway Cay and tried to fly it but unfortunately it couldn't stand up to the winds of the incoming storm and the string broke and was a victim to the island.


Chip or Dale? I cant remember which one had the red nose.

So I had planned to propose to Brit sometime on the cruise, in a nut shell... we went snorkeling on St. Tomas. While in the water looking around at tropical fish, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and showed it to her under the water, shes wallowed some water and then said yes and that was it!

We stopped on Tortola also, but took a boat to a neighboring island called The Virgin Gorda. They had some sweet beaches and caves. Here we are at "The Baths"

Our servers throughout the week, Simon from The Phillipines, and Maria from Argentina. They were great and had a good time spiting my spanish to Maria.

We got to go to a behind the scenes making of Disney's Pixar new movie "Up" from one of the creators, later on in the week we got to wee it in 3D, I thought it was pretty good, not quiet as good as Cars or Toy Story, but still good. And Andy's boys will be happy to know they are making a Cars 2 as well as Toy Story 3.

I love to eat and the Food on the cruise was off the Hook! Sooooo much food all the time and such good quality, the food was one of my most fav. things of the cruise.

Almost every night the would have a movie or a really good on stage theatre show, here are all the characters on stage.

This was my fav. desert of the trip, Choc. Lava cake. I had one, asked for another and Simon brought me 2 more! My mom would have loved it.

Chicken Parm, Lobster tail, and Tuna.

They gave us a Cake for the engagement.

Duck, it tasted like chicken.....

On St. Thomas we went snorkeling on Coki Beach, this guy made a smoothie for us, but I wanted to snap a photo showing this is the type of guy I think of when I think of the carribean.

More awesome deserts, I love fruit so I liked the one on the left.

They had a pirate inspired dinner one night.


Fillet Mignon over mashed tatoes served with scallops.

Choc. Cheese Cake

Swordfish, it was pretty good.

I like cooked asparagus with butter

Formal Night

Since the NBA playoffs were going, they showed it on the big screen just about every night, now this is the way to watch a BBall game, a huge screen and all you can eat pizza and ice cream.

Just getting on the ship. Aye Aye Mate

The first and last night we stayed at on of Disneys resort hotels, this one is called the Pop Century.

My good buddy Paul Dimond lives in Florida about 3 hrs away from Orlando, we had planned to hook up while I was there, so it was good to see them. He and his wife have an adorable family. Good seeing ya Pauly! Say Hi to Ells, Park Dog, and Olivia.

One of the rides we went on at Hollywood studios. It was fun.

I got a pretty good burn a few days in.

A storm rolling in while we were on Castaway Cay, it rained pretty good while on our bike ride, but it was kind of fun riding in the tropical rain fall.

St. Thomas

My ancient mayan sand castle, that ones for you Travee.

This ones for you marko

Kiddie Pool

The ship was huge

Yet another awesome desert

We went to a plate and Cake decorating Demo

All you can eat soft serve, yeah playa!

A few videos

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video of Delta motocross track Trav, Shaffer, Cole, A-bag, Jared and few others. It was way fun, the track was awesome!

Also Cole got a new bike! A KTM 50. Its a little peppier and has way better suspension than his old one. Lookin good Coley.