Sunday, January 11, 2015

Halloween Festivities and more!

October was a fun month. It always is. I love Halloween and love dressing up!
At the end of September I had surgery so the beginning of the month I was still trying to recover.

Avery was a little photographer and loved taking pictures. Sometimes she would face it the wrong way so she got some good ones of herself. Here is a little collection of what she took:

Bath time. 
Not sure if Avery liked sharing the tub and I don't think McKenna liked the big splashes.

One Saturday afternoon we drove down to the red barn to get pumpkins and have some fun.
We shot apple guns which was pretty fun.

And Avery could have spent all day on this slide. She loves slides!

Then we picked out our pumpkins. Avery loved picking out her own.

One afternoon Ben was washing his bike so Avery wanted to do the same thing. Too cute!

McKenna turned 4 months and still happy as can be. And she still loves sticking out her tongue. She is a pretty good roller, but when she gets on her tummy she gets pretty mad and forgets that she knows how to roll back on to her back. Physical therapy is going well and her torticolis isn't super noticeable anymore, but she still has a flat spot on her head.

Avery has been loving playing games (her way) She loves putting on the crown and jewelry from pretty pretty princess. Another game she loves to get out is Candyland. Games we will probably have to get once we move out.

McKenna is a cute little chunky monkey! Can't get enough of her rolls!

Avery loves to hang out in her diaper and crown. She also loves purses and her back pack.

The Saturday before Halloween we went up to Logan for their annual pumpkin walk and eat at Jack's Pizza. Their pizza is seriously the best. I wish they had one in Salt Lake! The pumpkin walk was fun. People can get pretty creative with pumpkins. Then after we headed to get some Aggie ice cream, Yum!

The Sunday before Halloween we got together with Ben's family for dinner, pumpkin carving, caramel apples, zombie cookies and Avery's favorite pin the hat on the witch.
She was the winner! She got the hat perfectly on. After her turn she loved spinning everyone else before their turn.

Here she is spinning cousin Sha

The Monday before Halloween my mom had a Halloween party. I had barely finished my costume that day so I had to wear it. I love being able to dress up with a theme. So with Avery being Cinderella I decided to be the Fairy Godmother and McKenna was my little pumpkin. Ben's costume wasn't finished yet, but he was Prince Charming.
The party was lots of fun and loved seeing all the little kiddos in their costumes.

We always play fun games.

And have a sugar cookie decorating contest.

And the winner is...
Mine! Woot woot!

Still climbing all over the place.

And just chillin out :)

The early intervention for McKenna's physical therapy had a huge Halloween Carnival. It was fun. Avery loved it!

Halloween we had fun carving pumpkins and then had a lot of fun trick or treating. Avery was so fun to watch. I tried uploading a video, but was unsuccessful. She would knock on the door and say "or treat" then when we would leave she would say "Haween" for Happy Halloween. Loved it!

Lella and her prince charming

And this little pumpkin was enjoying the ride along :)