Sunday, March 1, 2015

Disney World!

Well Ben kind of already highlighted our amazing trip, but what he didn't know is that I had already started a post about it....
So here are more details about our trip.

We flew into Orlando Wednesday night and didn't get to the hotel until late that night. Avery had a rough time going to sleep. Probably because of a new place and all the excitement going on. So daddy ended up having to sleep with her that night.

Thursday morning we headed to Animal Kingdom.
Avery loved the safari ride.

McKenna had some fun too. She was a trooper through it all!

We also enjoyed the Finding Nemo show and the big kids went on Everest.

We then headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios and did Toy Story Mania. Ben's favorite ride. He even looked up secrets of how to get a better score. McKenna even got to play with mommy. We also did Tower of Terror and Star Tours. Which was a big hit for the kiddos. On our way to a show Avery fell asleep. It was a long day for her. We wore her out pretty well with staying until the park closed.

The next day we first went to Magic Kingdom.
Avery and some of her cousins waiting to go inside.

I was most excited to take Avery here to see the castle and Fantasyland.
Family photo opp:

Pulling hard!

 Avery loves the carousel!

Cute girl in her sun hat. 

Avery had a blast. She loved the winnie the pooh ride, but I think she liked the line part better. Disney is smart in making play areas for the kid rides.
Nap time (she was getting blinded by the sun and found a way to block it out for her nap):

And her most favorite ride... Dumbo! She mainly liked the play area while waiting in line. They have a fun playset and they give you a buzzer to let you know when it is your turn for the ride. Or you could keep playing. Which Avery was all about that. She probably could have stayed there all day! 

 Then we tried to make our way to Epcot. That was an adventure. We were trying to leave as everyone was gathering on Main Street for the show where Elsa froze the castle. We stayed to watch which was fun. We were glad we got to see it.

 Then I think everyone had the same idea to head to Epcot. We were heading to the monorail along with tons of other people.
When we finally got there the place was packed for the food & wine festival. We still enjoyed it with some Fish and Chips and then we all kind of split up and went different ways. Which was interesting cause everyone's phones were dying. I went with my dad and sister Brooke to get some French pastries. They were delicious! Ben went and got sushi with some others. And then after we somehow met up with everyone and went to the Finding Nemo ride that ends inside the aquarium.
It was a fun, long, tiring day. We did have lots of fun though!

Next post disney cruise!