Monday, October 19, 2009

The past month.

Well on Sunday it was a month since we got married. I can't believe how fast that month went. We sure have been busy. We have done a lot of stuff. Ben of course has been able to go ride a few times. It is perfect weather to go, and he has had a lot of fun going.

Thanks to my buddy A-bag for this photo, nice shot from Tooele last Sat.

My nephew Jack turned one on September 29th. They had an Elmo birthday party for him and invited us all to come. He sure got a lot of presents and loved opening them.

Amy made him a sweet Elmo cake.

We all had hats to wear to celebrate with him.

My sister Brooke and her husband Ethan.

Dan, Jack, and Amy

I can't believe Jack is one. He grew so fast and is such a fun cute little guy. He can entertain all of us. I'm sure glad we got to celebrate with him.

Jack didn't even know what was going on. The candle wasn't amusing to him at all.

He did love eating it and smushing it in his face.

My mom loves celebrating the Holidays. This Halloween she will be in North Carolina visiting my sister and her family. So we celebrated early, last Friday. She made delicious soup for dinner.

I also gave Jack his second hair cut. He is pretty squirmy. He was interested in what I was doing to his hair. He loved it when I would spray him with my squirt bottle. Then I styled his hair. He sure is a cutie.

Then family tradition we always decorate cookies. No matter how old we are we still have fun doing it.

Dan even decorated a cookie as slimer off of Ghostbusters. He loves that movie.

Thanks mom for always throwing holiday family parties. We love them!

Jack even learned how to frost cookies. I think he would rather eat all the sweets than decorate. He had chocolate drool. Couldn't sneak him a treat it would show.

My cousin Stacy plays right full back for BYU Soccer. We have been wanting to go to a game for awhile, and we finally got the chance to go on Saturday. They played TCU. She is awesome and fun to watch. I wish we could have gone to more games. They have one home game left and probably won't be able to make it so hopefully we get the chance to go more next year.

Cosmo always knows how to entertain the crowd.

It was a great game. Those girls are more gnarly than we thought with all the grabbing and pulling. They had some good battles. And BYU won 2-0! (two-Nil)

After the game they come up to the fence and pass out their player cards. So I got a picture with her.

Ben put her player card in his wallet for safe keeping. He is a true fan!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Excitement!

Our Honeymoon:

We went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and stayed at the Marriott's Beach Place Towers. It was a great place to stay. Thanks Dad for hooking us up!

This is a view from the hotel out to the ocean. They had a bunch of shops and vendors walking to the beach. It was fun to look at some of them. They even sold alligator heads!

Along the street of our Hotel they have a bunch of Restaurants and Swim Shops.
"Tuck that thing in boy or your gonna get it caught on a trip wire"
Who said it and what movie?

We had the chance to eat at a couple of places. It was really good and it was nice to sit by the beach and eat.

The beach was so nice. The sand was nice and the water was so warm!

We did see some strange things though on the beach.

One day we went to the Everglades to go on an Air boat ride. They also had a little exhibit of animals. They had some pretty big Alligators! Sad to say the ones in the exhibit were the only ones we saw. We didn't spot any on the air boat ride.

Also for donating $2 we got to hold a baby alligator. It looked more like a teenager alligator than a baby. I wasn't too sure about holding one, but I did!

Another day we drove down to Miami & Miami Beach and went to all of their great shops. Ben was excited to see this store there. They have some crazy stuff. It was fun to go in.

Downtown Miami

Too bad Basketball hadn't started yet. That would have been fun to go to a game and see D wade get his game on,

but we got to go to a baseball game in the Land Shark Stadium. The Marlins played the Phillies.

Ryan Howard is one of the best players in the Major Leagues so it was fun to see him play and he had his usual good game.

On the airplane we met a lady who was from Florida and she gave us a great list of places to go. One she wrote down was Saw Grass Mills Mall. It was one of the biggest malls I have ever been too. They had so many stores and they also had a Rain Forest Cafe so we ate there.

It was a great trip. And very relaxing. It was really hard to come back home and face reality! Hopefully we will get the chance to go on another trip again soon!

We haven't gotten all of our wedding pictures from our photographer yet, but here is a link to her blog with her favorites that she posted, and also the ones that my dad took that day if you haven't seen them yet:
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