Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December fun. & Feliz Cumpleanos

Holy Cow a lot has happened in the last few weeks. I think December is my most fav. month mainly because you get to see family more often, the snow really starts to fly and we can't forget Christmas! As always here are the Haps from the past few weeks put to photos. Pictures always seem to tell a better story than I can.


My mom had a get together for my B-day. It was fun having the family there.

Brit, myself and Coley. Nice face Cole.

We had a bunch of friends over to the house on Sunday night, it was fun having everyone there. The Skeen's hooked me up with some sweet new tie downs to keep my KXF nice and safe.

A few of my buddies and roommates got me some sweet Moto stuff. Socks, Grips, Grip Glue, and Chain Wax. I also was able to get some sweet running shoes from Reeder, and a nice shovel for when I am snowmobiling.

Jake and Abby enjoying their fav. place in the whole house. Peace bro.

Brit made me this sweet (literally) German Choc. Cake. It looked awesome and tasted even better!

Me getting ready to blow out the candles. Cole and Shay looking pretty interested...

The aftermath of all the goodies.


My twin Bro Andy was able to come into town for the holidays. We made it up to Brighton the day after Christmas for some shredding, We picked a great day as it was mostly clear and tons of pow for us to slash.

Andy Slashing away!

A little Video of Me and Brighton.


Andy has a pretty sweet Digital point and shoot camera. It takes Video in HD, see if you can tell the difference.


Andy at Brighton


I recently bought a Snowmobile. My roommate gave me a good deal on it so i decided to go ahead and grab it. I took it out for the first time on sat with Reeder and Jared. We went to Strawberry. It was pretty fun. The snow was really deep and I kinda got the hang of it. I am looking forward to using it a bunch this winter.

2003 Polaris RMK 600 but bored to a 700. It has some other bells and whistles but I am not sure what they are. It was fun to ride though!

My roommate Jerad "Boon docking" (or as I like to say "Hooky Bobin") through some sweet powder.

This was a cool photo I took of the Sunrise in the morning on the way up 94th S. We left the house around 7:30 to head to Strawberry.

The temp. was a whopping negative seven degrees when we got up there. It was a little cold while riding but we bundled up pretty good so it wasn't too bad.

We all got together Sunday night for one last shin dig with Andy, Rachy and the boys before Andy flies back to Portland. It was fun, we all had dinner at my moms, went sledding, and ate scones and drank Hot chocolate.
Tayson Boy (TJ) and me getting ready to hit the hill!

Andy with his 3 boys at the same time!

I built a separate "twack" as Cole would say for the older kids. There was a little jump half way down that they were catching some air on.

Shay catching some air with the mouth wide open.

And last but not least, For about a month and a half before Christmas I would Brit and ask what she was doing and half of the time she would reply "oh just working on your quilt" so I knew she had spent a lot of time on it and she didn't disappoint. She made one sweet quilt. I couldn't have asked for a cooler one! Soft on the under side and a bunch of bright colors and Logo's of Brands that I like; Burton, Oakley, Neff, Forum, dvs, etc. Thanks Brit! You did a great job.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Running and Turkey, a great mix!

I had a great time this past Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday morning my roommate Reeder and I got up early and went to the Draper factory outlet stores for the annual Human Run/Walk 5K. Reeder set a blistering pace as I thought I was in for a tough 25 mins or so. But I kept up OK (even in Reeders bunky lawn mowing shoes) and we finished it out in just over 20 mins. It was fun and would again in a heart beat. Clink HERE for a link to the web site to see our results. He and I finished 50th and 51st respectively overall. And I think 7th in my age group. Ain't bad for 1700 entrants.

After that I home briefly and headed out to the local Middle School for some Canyon Springs Singles Ward Turkey Bowl Football. But to no avail a whopping 4 people from our ward showed up, and one was a sister! I was kinda bummed that just of few of us showed up from the Ward but we did end up playing with a few others guys. It was fun and good to throw the pig skin around gain.

Later in the day I went up to the Parents in Layton for a little Turkey, as usual. It was good to be with family and eat all the great traditional foods you have during Thanksgiving. We each shared some thoughts about each person around the table and why we were thankful for them, that was nice. Amy and I then went to Aunts house in Ogden. I always enjoy going there as we don't really see my dads side of the family that often.