Thursday, October 24, 2013


The last few weeks have been up and down. Avery was sick for a good week with a fever. She was not her usual self exploring, climbing, walking, running. 
Although I did love all of the naps and time holding her a lot, It was sad to see her like that. 

She finally got comfortable on the floor.

We called the Dr office and the nurse said if she isn't grabbing at her ear or or grabbing at something else meaning ear infections or something was bugging her then we would just have to make her comfortable and be patient as her fever would most likely take 3-4 days to pass. She did show signs of improvement after a few days and we thought she had turned the corner but then she got a fever again. Brit took her in and got some antibiotics. The Dr office gave her a sucker and she was loving it!

She would wake up multiple times throughout the night and I would go get her and fall asleep with her on the couch. I loved it but she was always hot and uncomfortable. She has had to get into the swing of things again with us not going in there every night when she cries but it is back to no trips to her room during the night, Yay! 
She has slowly got better and she is back to her old self again. 
I.E. Feeding the dogs food, climbing all over everything, throwing little temper tantrums, tossing food on the floor, getting into the q-tips, scattering dvds all over, etc. :)

Another thing she has started doing is picking her toe jam. Yes that right. Gross...Not sure where she even got the idea to do that!

She is getting pretty close to talking, the last few weeks she has had her own little language and it's pretty funny to hear her. Sometime she will grab Brits phone, lay on the bed and speak jibberish like she is talking to one of her besties gossiping about whatever happened at school that day. Is she 16 months, or 16 yrs....?

Halloween is coming up and we are excited for Avery to be able to go trick or treating at a few houses. We can't wait to dress her up in her costume and have her grab the candy. Last year she didn't really know what was going on but this year she will at least be able to walk and I think she will get the concept of at least grabbing candy.

I usually take her out in the backyard and we would pick up apples that had fallen on the lawn and throw them away in a bucket. One day Brit took her out and she started to throw them away on her own then crabbed a pear and started eating it (the pears are actually pretty good and I have fed her a bunch) luckily she grabbed one that looked ok to eat and not all rotten :)

We watched my sisters kids for a few days so Avery got to take advantage of their sweet basement gym and all of the balls.

I was able to make a trip to the sand dunes for a beautiful Saturday. The weather was awesome and we had a good time and kept things safe. I used to go to the sand dunes a ton so it was fun to go back after about a 6 yr hiatus.                                          
My buddy OD knows how to ride a dirt bike.

Another piece of news is that I got a new job. I'm excited for the change and the new position and opportunity that I have been blessed with.