Saturday, December 10, 2011


Been makin some progress on the basement.
Getting close to painting....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big News

Yes we have some Big news, Brit is pregnant! The little guy/gal is due June 16th!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Cottonwood

Brit worked at The Bird on Saturday and seeing that I am momentarily incapacitated I decided I would drive her up there and take in the sights. As most of you know it snowed last last week up in the mountains. I dropped Brit off and drive up to Alta. There were quiet a few people out enjoying the snow. I even saw a hand full of kids hitting a jump and jibbing a rail. It brought back memories of when we used to do the same thing as teenagers.

Here are a few photos from my drive. Man Utah is beautiful.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is this Normal?

So some of you may know I crashed riding motocross. It happened Monday evening. I went to a local track and went off a jump that had some holes/bumps at the top. (kinda like this one but more just towards the top of the jump)

I got kicked sideways and crashed. It happened so fast but I immediately knew I had injured my knee. As I lay there I thought to myself, "I am done with this sport" and I just prayed to God that it wasn't anything major, but the pain initally was pretty intense.

The pain subsided and I was able to get in my truck and drive home. I went to the Dr the next day and we still aren't 100% sure what the plan of action will be (most likely surgery) but I did tear my MCL, PCL, and have a small fracture on my tibia.

And as Brit put it best "I don't know about this motocross thing, Ben", ya me either sweetie, me either.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A great weekend!

This weekend was crazy, but it was great!

Saturday we had our Primary Program Practice. The kids did pretty well for being there on a Saturday morning. After we gave them a pizza party that they earned. Each week in primary we had a jar and pom-poms. They had to fill the jar up. We would give them one for being reverent or helping us out. Also there is a challenge this year for primary. It is for the children to remember what they read in their scriptures that week and share it in primary. So we had bigger pom-poms for the children that would share that with us. We still had some pom-poms so I brought them in to the practice and they earned them by singing well. The pizza party went great. It was fun to be with the children outside on a Saturday. I had one girl hand me her ballerina barbie doll that had brown curly hair asking me if I could hold it for her while she played then let me know that I looked like her barbie. It was sweet. I had lots of little hugs and enjoyed every minute of the party. I am so thankful for my calling!

After the practice I went to a baptism for one of the boys in our primary. I love being able to go see the children be baptized. It is a great experience to share with them. Just another reason I am thankful for my calling. There are so many reasons! It can be stressful at times, but it is such a blessing.

That night was the general relief society meeting. It was amazing. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk!

Sunday we had our Sacrament Meeting Primary Program. It is crazy to have it done. It is a lot of work to put it together and I am so thankful for my wonderful counselors. As a presidency we all put it together. I really enjoyed doing it together. We asked most of the kids questions to get their parts. It was wonderful to here some of their answers. They answered in such sweet ways. We asked a cute little seven year old girl to explain the first vision she said: "Joseph Smith went to the woods and prayed. He saw the light which was Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They told him to join none of the churches." We added on he was chosen to restore the true church. I thought it was so sweet though just hearing her describe it. We asked our 4 and 5 year olds what the scriptures teach them and what scripture stories they liked. We asked the Sunbeams how they will follow God's plan. We asked another girl why she is thankful her dad has the priesthood. Another one I liked was we asked a seven year old boy who is favorite prophet was. He said: " Alma because he did bad then switched to good." Here are some more answers that I just want to share:

"I'm preparing to be baptized by getting a dress and saying my prayers. I'm excited because I will be following Jesus Christ's example."

"I'm preparing to be baptized by reading the scriptures and going to church. I'm excited because I will get the Holy Ghost."

"My baptism was special because I got the gift of the Holy Ghost and because I'm pure."

"I am preparing to go to the temple by going to church, taking the sacrament, and keeping the commandments."

"I am preparing to go to the temple by working on my Faith in God award. I read my scriptures regularly and have set a goal with Book of Mormon reading."

"I treat my body like a temple of God when I eat healthy and exercise. I also dress modestly."

"I keep my mind pure and clean by reading good books and thinking good thoughts."

"I'm preparing for my mission by learning about the gospel, going to church and reading the scriptures."

"I can be a missionary now by telling my friends about the church and invite them to come with me to church activities."

"I can be a missionary now by reading my scriptures and inviting my nonmember friends to church."

"My favorite scripture story is Daniel and the lion's den because it teaches me that if we have faith and do what is right, the Lord will protect us."

"I am thankful for Joseph Smith because he helped restore our church."

"I am thankful for Joseph Smith because he told people to be good."

Children are so amazing. They are wonderful examples to us all. I'm so thankful to have this experience to serve with so many amazing children.

Our presentation was full. We had over 60 children do their parts and lots of songs. We did two songs with a group of girls singing the verses then everyone joined in to sing the chorus. One of those songs was We'll Bring the World His Truth. It is one of my favorite songs. One week while we were practicing songs we brought up the girls to the front to practice it. It was amazing the spirit was so strong and brought tears to my eyes. They sang it so well.

The program went great! I am thankful for all the wonderful helpers we have in Primary. After the bishop gave a few remarks and said it would be great to have a primary program quarterly and said he would talk to us to see if that would be possible. We just laughed. It would be great to have one quarterly if someone else would put it together :)

And that is why it was such a great weekend!

2 Years!

I know that two years isn't very long, but it is crazy that it has already been two years. September 18th was our anniversary.

Our actual anniversary was on a Sunday so we celebrated Saturday night. We decided not to do much since we had just gone to California in August, so we went to Christopher's downtown for a yummy steak dinner.

Married life can be quite crazy sometimes. It definetly has its ups and downs, but I love it. I love being with my best friend and being able to learn more about him. Even his sarcasm :) It has been a great two years and I look forward for the many years to come.

I wanted to repost some of my favorite pictures. So here they are:

Our wedding was a great day. With a full day of different weather.

I felt pretty lucky to have a double rainbow!

Even with the rain it was the perfect day!

Here are some of my favorite bridals as well.

I loved my dress. Especially the back!

HAPPY 2 Years!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Two posts today, that must be a record for us.
A while back we went to Hollywood connection with a Groupon deal we had purchased. Here is Brit battling it out on the rink, well her and about 50 Jr High kids that accompanied us that night on the rink. No doubt we were the oldest people there.

And that's another BYU FIR...........

Not a bad way to spend a friday evening.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Once again it's been a while since we have updated and once again I will let pictures do most of the talking. Its been a very busy past month as Brit and I gone to Seven Peaks, Lagoon, California for 6 days and some other randoms. In Cali we stayed with Brits Uncle Mike (In LaDera Ranch) and had a great time. We even played about 60 games of tennis and it was fun getting back into that sport. Thanks Mike and Tiffany!

These aren't in chronological order so here goes.

We are finishing our basement but we had this hideous light fixture in our entry way so we decided to replace it yesterday.

1970's Bunky

2000's Cool

Brit's b-day was August 13th and we decided to do som....Just kidding sweetie, August 11th and she had been wanting a Book Case for a while so I bought and stayed up late to put it together. It came pretty well if I do say so myself. Just call me Tim tool time from now on.

Lagoon, This ride is so lame, it's so outdated and NOT scary. (Although I am really looking forward to going back to this is the state park haunted village)

So. Cal!

Brit and I flew out on a Tuesday night. Brit saw this doughnut shop and wanted to take a picture. She said it was in some movie. Can you guess which one?

We went to Disneyland on Thursday which was a good day to go because the crowds weren't horrible. Although the temps were hot for Cali we had a great time.

Last year when we went to Cali we went to Knotts Berry Farm. Not to ride the rides but to eat at their restaurant and partake of their Delicious Chicken Dinner. We decided to go back and I am glad we did. The meal is great and I love their Boysenberry Punch and Pie. (I believe Knotts Berry Farm invented the Boysenberry)

We went to a beach close to Brit's Uncle house (where we stayed). I had never been to that beach but it was very nice and clean.

I am sure Brit will kill me for putting up this picture but I like it.

We also went boating on lake Elsinore with Uncle Mike. Brit doesn't get in the water too often so she got up on the wakeboard and I had to take a picture.

Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point.

We decided to go on a little walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

Saturday we cruised down to San Diego. We went straight to temple to do a session. We didn't make in into the session we wanted because there were too many people and we didn't get a seat so we opted to do sealings. It's a beautiful Temple both inside and out.

Right after the Temple we went to the San Diego Zoo. I thought it would be fun to go and I have always heard it is the Zoo of Zoo's in the U.S.

Polar Bear

Kung Foo Panda

These Tortoises were huge! They were like 100 years old.

Giraffe's are cool. they had a time were you could go back and feed them a few biscuits. We went back but the had already sold out of them, darn.

Uncle Mike recommended we go to a Ice cream Sandwich shop right by UCLA. We went by and I am glad we did, they make home made cookies and you pic the ice cream. The best part was it was only $1.50! Music to my ears.

Diddy Riese

White Chocolate chip cookies with Strawberry Ice cream.

We also went to Hollywood. We walked around the famous walk of stars street and can you believe it we also saw Lady Gaga, Batman, and Samuel L Jackson! But come to find they were just Star Look A likes on the street posing for pictures and stuff :(

The Kodak Theatre where they have plays, awards shows and were currently holding a Cirque De Soliel performance.

You can kind of see the Hollywood Sign in the background.

We had a Trujillo Family Reunion at the Dyers. I remember having the pretty often growing up but hadn't had them in recent years. We put it together pretty quick but it was great to see that side of the family!

We volunteered with Richard up at Snowbird for the last stage of the Tour of Utah. It was pretty fun awesome to see those amazing athletes. The Tour De France winner Cadel Evans was even on hand to take in the sights.

Disneyland Parade, I love Marching bands as well as College bands at football games.