Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 Life with Avery has been wonderful. She has been a really good baby. She stays pretty content and at times can be fussy. We are still trying to get her to know the difference between day and night, but for the most part she does well. We sure love our little girl!

Her first little adventure was on the Fourth of July. We got up early to head up to Sandy for a 3k Ben wanted to do. Leaving home is pretty different with a baby. Making sure you have everything you need can take longer than you think. While Ben did the race we went to my parents to hang out. Then we headed over to the annual Breakfast and Parade. It was fun to be able to go with our little girl. Maybe one day she will be in the parade or just gathering the tons of candy that is thrown out! After the parade we went back to my parents for lunch and got some exciting news. My sister Brooke is expecting a baby! She is due January 18th. We are so excited for her and Ethan!! That afternoon we went to my Grandma's for her traditional dinner and carnival. Here are some photos:

  My mom got her this cute little outfit for the day!
 We were able to do a 4 generations picture.
 Avery with her Great Grandma Pett
 It was a great day ended with popcorn and cotton candy at my parents! We look forward to many more adventures with Avery.

One thing Avery loves is her bouncer! Thanks Herways! One night after I fed her she did not want to go in her crib so I put her in the bouncer. I put it right by our couch and I laid down on it next to her. About 7 hours later I woke up kind of panicked. I couldn't believe she slept that long in between feedings. It was pretty nice.

 One Sunday we went up to Alta with our friends Jen and Jeff and their baby Mila who was born a week before Avery. It was fun to get together with them!

Last week I got together with my friend Jen to take newborn photos of our babies. We decided it would be a lot cheaper than getting them done by a professional. It was a lot more work than we thought. With them getting fussy and hungry it took most of the day to do them. Here is a little sneak peak! More to come soon! 

This past Thursday Avery had her two week check up. She is doing great. She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and is 21 in. long. Her Doctor said to start doing tummy time. Avery is not liking it so far.

Also this past week we got to go visit Amy, Jack and Sophie. It was fun to go see them. Sophie was adorable with Avery and liked to point out her hair, eyes, and feet. She kept saying baby in her cute little voice and touching her gently. Jack pretended he had an uncle watermelon (that is what he called my big pregnant belly). It was fun to visit. Thanks for letting us come!

Bath Time!

She didn't like being out of the warm water.

 Avery has lots of fun faces. I have tried to take pictures of them, but I haven't been quick enough to get some. Here is one of my favorites! I forgot to turn the flash off so it turned out pretty bright, but it is good enough! She usually crosses her eyes with this face. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of that!

Also when she sleeps she likes to suck in her bottom lip. I love it.

Life is great with this little one and I love being her mom!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Avery's first week

 She got her first bath at the hospital.

Daddy holding her in the NICU

Sound asleep

Daddy changing her first diaper.

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the Dr said she had just a little bit of Jaundice(
Everyday, a small number of red blood cells in your body die, and are replaced by new ones. The liver removes the old blood cells, forming bilirubin. The liver helps break down bilirubin so that it can be removed by the body in the stool.
When too much bilirubin builds up in the body, jaundice may result)
Ready to go home after 5 days in the NICU. Sat-Wed.

Mommy happy to be at home holding her baby girl.
Fast asleep in the crib.

   Afternoon Sunday nap with daddy.

 Here is a video of Avery with the hiccups.

We love our baby girl!!!