Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Happenings

March happenings. Here are few videos and photos from the month of march. Sorry about the sparse postings lately but I have been posting most stuff on Facebook. But alas here they are.

I went snowboarding with Brit's dad and fam. the other day at The Bird. I don't really make it to the bird that often so it was a nice change from Brighton. The Bird has awesome terrain. It's steep and has a great choice of terrain. Here I am in front of The Birds Tunnel to access back behind the Mtn. to Mineral Basin. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! (Literally and Figuritively)

A friend from the ward was called to serve in Independence MO. Here are Brit and I at her Farewell Party.

We try and make it a yearly event when we go snowboarding at Brighton. We BBQ with Hot Dogs and Burgers some time in the Spring. This saturday we chose was great, the weather was great and the hot dogs tasted sooooo good after a few hours of hard riding.

Trav, A-bag, Cole, Shaffer, Josh, Brit and I went to Mesquite to ride a few weekends ago, the weather was awesome and it's always good to have a mini trip to Southern Utah to Visit the Cluffs, ride and enjoy the weather.
Me getting nasty low in the rut.

Sorry about the first video, I chose the wrong one and couldn't delete it.

2nd video is of me from Brighton yesterday. We found a great spot to hit. Here I am doing a front 3. Prob one of my best shots to date. That ones for you Drew boy.

3rd video: Benny off a Cliff, and yes Mom it's In bounds.
4th: Nollie at Brighton

5th: Mesquite MX Track
6th:Cole at MEsquite, he's getting pretty good on his PW.

I took Tells to Brighton for night boarding one night, she got a new set up and did pretty darn good for only her 2nd time riding.