Sunday, April 25, 2010


So we have officially been in our house for 3 weeks now (man it has gone by fast). We have been busy just about every day doing stuff on the yard, washer drier, basement, organizing. But it has been great to do those simple things on our own place. My parents have come over twice now and they were a big help with the yard. My mom really enjoys doing yard work (not sure why) so she was in her element outside.

The backyard, this photo actually makes it look pretty good...You can see to the left the rocks Brit and my mom put down for some stepping stones to "the shed"

This is Mark assessing the situation

We had a ton of these lava type rocks in the yard so we put them to good use.

Now that's only 1/2 the pile we cut down between the two days. Anyone know of a yard guy that will haul these away for me? Help!

We pruned the rose bushes, put these rocks in, put in some of those solar landscape lights, pruned the tree and took out a whole shrub at the end. (if you look at our old post you can see the "before" picture.

We got the picture frames and mirror up on the wall, I think it turned out pretty good.

My most recent acquisition is this table tennis table (only rookies call it a ping pong table) hopefully it will bring us some fun. Who's got game? Bring it on.

I think this was our first official dinner at our house, I took a pic w/o Brit knowing that's why the back of her head in in the photo. She is a good cook and takes good care of me.


Yesterday (sat) I was able to go to The Bird in the morning and get a good spring session in. It was pretty warm and really sunny and the conditions were fun. I had a good time. After I went and saw Brit in the salon for a sec, then went swimming, went to the eucalyptus sauna, showered and shaved, it was nice! After that I came home and my parents came over and we did said yard work. We then all went to In n Out for dinner. It was a pretty darn good day.

Other recent happenings are; Brit and I went to my mission reunion over conference weekend. My mission pres is now an area 70 in Columbia thus is comes to Salt lake every year or two. It was great to go see him and hear him speak. I love him and he is a great man. And it was great to take my wife with me, finally!

(My Pres. Torres in on the far left)

I was also able to race the 1st race of the season at Rocky Mtn Raceway. I moved up and entered into the over 30 Pro class (yikes!) You race twice throughout the night and I took 3rd both times for 3rd overall for the night. It was pretty good and I had a good time, although I didn't leave the track until 1:15 AM Sat. morning!

I also was able to take Cole snowboarding a while back. We went to the Bird one night for some night boarding on their kiddie lift (chickidee) He did a pretty good job but there is for a sure a difference between him and Brickelle. All he wanted to do was head straight to this little jump we found and hit it. Not practice on his technique or form or anything, just the Jump. Here is a photo and a video.

The salt lake supercross is this weekend so it will be fun to go that with Brit.

JAZZ Play tonight, let's make it 3-1! Vamos Jazz!



Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new Crib


So as many of you probably already know Brit and I bought a house and finally moved in 1 week ago. It has been a long time coming (probably 7 months or so) and we have had some trials throughout the process but we feel very lucky and blessed to be able to buy a house. It is a buyers market with rates being low, housing being in general being down and we were able to get the 8,000 tax credit so that will be nice. Here are some photos (finally) for you all to see to check out our sweet pad. It's about 4 blocks North of Jordan Landing in West Jordan so the location is nice being close to all of the stores and restaurants.


Instead of posting 30 photos on here I decided to take a video and post it on You tube. Sickies!


We also were able to celebrate Easter last week, it was a busy weekend as we moved all of the big stuff on Saturday and finalized the move in. But we had a lot of help from my great friends and family. It's great to have friends that all ride dirt bikes cause everyone has a truck! Thanks again to everyone that helped. We had an easter egg hunt at Brit's Parents sunday morning. It was really fun and Brit killed it bringing in a cool 95 bucks in all of the eggs she gathered. We then had a great lunch in between conference sessions. After we went to Jen and trav's and had a hunt their with the Dyers and my mom, step-dad and Amy. We had a great time with them too and all in all we had a great Easter weekend.

This week we pretty much just spent it getting stuff ready for the house. I spent every making minute I had running around trying to get something with the house. It was stressful but fun at the same time. I now realize there really is always something to do on the house, especially when it is a 25 yr old house.

Friday night my Dad came over to the house with the Dyers. It was great to have them over and we went to eat at Jordan Landing. I really have to thank my sister Jen for all of her help with decorating and helping with the house, she has a knack for that stuff and I think she really enjoys it.

My parents came over Sat. night and we too went out to eat at Famous Dave's in Jordan Landing. It too was good have them over and show them our new house.

Today Brit and I had the opportunity the speak in the ward in Sandy before we officially start to attend out new ward in West Jordan. I thought both of us did a pretty good job. It was a great ward and we will miss it a lot. The ward was very supportive and it was great having an apostle in our home ward, we will miss it.

Until next time.