Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a great Easter and I am sure everyone in Utah can attest that the weather was awesome for Easter Sunday.
Saturday we went to the Grossens for the annual Breakfast and Easter Egg hunt. Breakfast was great as usual (Brits mom is a great cook) and then we did our hunt. Brit was funny to watch run around holding onto her big belly with one hand and trying to pick up eggs with the other. She did a great job and found some good eggs.
Saturday afternoon we went up to Snowbird and relaxed/snowboarded a bit. Later in the day my nephew Cole come up to Snowboard. He has a pretty good time and is catching on pretty quick. I will post a video of him going off a jump. He's funny, that all he wants to do.
Sunday we went to my parents in Layton and had a great dinner with Ham, Orange rolls and Brits Coconut Cake, and Easter Egg hunt as well. My grandparents from Morgan, my Great Aunt Jan and Great Aunt Ruth (93) were able to come as well so that was great so see them.
Here is a video on my step-dad Mark going through his Schpeel(He enjoys it) and the start of the Easter Egg Hunt. In the video you get a great shot of the baby bump at about 7 months, Brit has been doing good lately and she is a trooper for carrying around that basketball. She's such a hottie and I love her (both) so much.

(Sorry Audio isn't that great, I forgot to change the back so you could hear it better)



And a little extra. A video of some backcountry Richard and I did a week or so ago, It was pretty good.