Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Portland Trek

Over the past weekend the Dew Actions Sports Tour came to SLC, I went with some friends and we had a great time. I will miss all my awesome friends! Also the morning I was setting out for Portland it snowed! Here are a few pics of the Mtn in the background and a car that drove down from Alta. So ironic it snowed that day I left.... Go figure. I made it safe and sound to Portland. There were a few hicups along the way like the nice blown tire I got on the trailer, but alas I arrived! Also here is an extra video from Brighton last season.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A-Bag and I at the Jordan river motocross track

A few photos from the Jordan River Motocross Track in Salt Lake City. Aaron Hansen (#728) and Myself. (You can click on each pic to enlarge)

Mexico #2

Some more pics from the Mexico Trip.

Kid Balancing rocks on top of each other, pretty cool.

Chivas Soccer Game, Tacos were off the hook.

Sccotin it up in Vallarta.

Past 2 weeks

Just some random stuff over the past few weeks. First off we have Shaffer playing in a soccer game. It is fun to go and watch him play. He is a really good defender and has stopped a few goals from going in with his slidding saves. Good job Shay!

Next up is Coley picking his famous "youkini's" and a pumpkin from grandpa's garden.

And lastly, here is Coley in one of my hoodies for snowboarding, could he be the next Justin Bennee?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Andy and Rachel came down for a weekend. We had dinner at Jen and Travs and snapped a few photos of all of the children. Have a Good weekend!
Ok so Cole got his costume for the upcoming halloween holiday. He was so excited that he wanted to wear it around the house. Here is a photo of him strutting his stuff in his new costume. I was trying to teach him how to shoot web out of his wrist like spiderman but we couldn't quiet get there.