Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minute to win it

Just a few pics and videos for a quick update. We have settled into our house nicely. We love it and are making progress every day in certain areas around the house.

Here's Betty Crocker, Oh I mean Brit whipping up some breakfast for dinner. MMmmmm

Brit made 2 pizzas on a pizza stone we bought, they both came out great. My favorite was the BBQ chicken. Mmmmm Cilantro.

I wanted to take a picture of our first flower of the spring in our yard.

My mom had us over for dinner on Sunday to celebrate Shaffer and Mark's May B-days.

She bought a cotton candy maker that was fun for the kids.

We also played minute to win it. We had a lot of fun and laughs during the games.

Me trying the blow all the cards but one. No luck.


Trav Killing it on the cards!

Brit trying to bounce out a few ping pong balls. C'mon girl where are those dance moves!

Ky blowing the cards