Monday, February 15, 2010

Valetine's day 2010

Brit and I had a pretty good Valentine's weekend. We hung out with Travee and Claudi on Friday night and watched the opening ceremonies and had some Mexican food. Saturday we went out to dinner together to chilli's we went a little bit later which was actually nice because there was only a 10 minute wait. We got each other some fun gifts too. Brit got me a sweet pair of nice Smith I/O goggles, and I got J-lo oh I mean Brit a nice pair of sunglasses.

Brit's new Smith sunglasses

My Smith goggles

This past Sunday we got together as a family and had dinner and frosted cookies

My masterpiece

All of our cookies

Happy Valentine's day

Dan and Amy

Jack Jack

A few weeks back we went to St. George with A-bag, Krid, Trav, Brickelle, Cole, Brit and I.

Here we are at Fiesta Fun getting ready to rub plastic.

Gettin all nasty at the Mesquite track

About 3 weeks ago Brits family had a condo up at The Bird for a week. We stayed up there almost every night. It was really nice and relaxing hittin up the spa just about every night and having friends come up and hang out.

Richard's side of the family at the bird

One night she and I decided to hit the slopes.

Brit shred the gnar. Wellll kinda. Gotta practice that toe edge too sweetie

One day Bill, Andy, Trav and I were able to go to Powder Mtn and get our shred on. Fun times.

Drew boy and his I/O's