Friday, February 8, 2008

The Boys, Lake Tahoe, and Dead Bodies......

Benson B looking like a little Gnome.

My good buddy Lance is a Mortitian and lives in the basement of a Funeral Home. I hang there a lot and one night he was on call and had to go pick up someone that has died, so I went along with him to Adventist Medical Center. Interesting.....

T.J. in his new outfit to help him with his low muscle mass. Pretty sweet I think, do these come in Adult sizes????

So it's been a while since I have updated so here is "the whole kit and caboodle" (what does that mean anyway? Well I looked it up and you can see the meaning of The whole kit and caboodle HERE) from the last few weeks.
First Pauly and I went to Lake Tahoe for a little snowboarding trip. It was really fun and after a few hiccups with Paul's buddy that was supposed to come but bailed at the last second, we were set to go. To make a very long story short, we arrived in Reno both by plane, got our sick Ford Focus and headed for Lake Tahoe. about 20 min from the airport we had to throw the chains on the car. Not fun it a blizzard and freezing cold weather. We made it safely to our hotel, only to walk in and have the room be about the same Temp as outside.... The heater was broken. We called and they brought in a space heater and we tried that but it never warmed up the room that night. So we both went to bed, with full snow geared on and with 5 blankets on top....

Paul getting ready for bed.

Boreal in Trukee, 950 Vertical feet but a pretty fun place to ride and Friday's are College Student days. $15 bucks. Can't beat it. And yes i still attend Weber State according to them.

Paul ridin some pow. "Now lean back, lean back...."


This tree was pretty fun, although the tranny could have been better.

Wildcat (backflip)

One of the nights we braved a blizzard in the aforementioned focus and went to South lake Tahoe. That is where all the casinos, hotels and restaurants are. We hit up pretty good sushi place. Pauly can down the Wasabi with the best of em as you can see from the pic. On his "Wasabi High".

It snowed all day so we made the best use of the pool area. Paul's 5-0.

Paul at pool side on the day we arrived.

My camera has an option to take 3 photos and stitch them together as a panoramic picture. I liked this one. Paul and his Un iNc 154.

The next day we went to Alpine Meadows. Although the weather wasn't very good, we still had a good time.

Ben gettin blunted on a wall.
Lake Tahoe. It's huge. Could maybe rival the GSL.
The last day we were there it dumped the night before. And of course we had to leave... Oh well, there is always next year!