Saturday, November 22, 2014


September was not as exciting as the last months, but it was still good. We did a lot of house hunting and put in a few offers, but we were always outbid. 
McKenna started physical therapy this month. We first went to a rehab, but then switched to early intervention thanks to my cousin Janae recommending it to us. It was the best switch ever.

Starting to play with her toes.

Ben and Avery went to Lake Powell. McKenna and I were going to go, but remembered the physical therapist recommended not being in the car seat for long periods of time so I chose not to go. I kept wishing we could have gone, but we will look forward to the next chance!
Pictures from their trip:

We were able to go to discovery gateway this month. It was Avery's first time and she loved it!

Ben decided to set up the tent to sleep in the backyard before the weather got too cold. Avery was pretty excited! Probably a little too excited. They probably lasted a little over an hour. It was a good try though. Maybe next summer :)

McKenna is 3 months. I can't believe how fast it goes with 2 kids! She is a great baby and still super happy. I love her smile! 

Starting to put everything in her mouth.

She is so fun! 

The Last of Summer :(

We had a great summer and I wish it never ended!
It was a crazy, but fun month.
We enjoyed some fun times at Brooke and Ethan's pool. Thanks again for the invites!

Lagoon was having a date night. After 5 it was buy one get one. So we took advantage and it was lots of fun. We first went to Lagoon-a beach. Avery loved it and didn't want to leave.

Avery's first ride. She was looking pretty nervous and didn't know what to think when it started she looked over at Ben and I and saw us smiling and then she was loving it! I could have watched her all day on the rides.

anxious to get on the ride.

I'm glad she was concentrating on the road :)

Avery just being silly!

This month we enjoyed Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesdays with Brooke and Ellia.
The first week we enjoyed the Gardens. It rained a little bit, but it was a perfect day!

Avery loved pulling out all of our kitchen towels. She made these ones blankets for her and daddy.

For my birthday we "Bounced Back" to Lagoon.

The second week at TP we went to Farm Country

McKenna turned 2 months and is so cute! She is doing great, but we found that she has congenital torticolis which caused a flat spot on her head. In September we had to start Physical Therapy.

My mom got free passes to seven peaks at work. So we got together with the cousins. They didn't really have a lot of kid slides that Avery liked, but she enjoyed her hot dog and icee!

Enjoying one of her favorite treats this summer "pot pot" (otter pop) with daddy

Ben's brother was in town in the middle of August so we blessed McKenna while he and his family were here. 

My dad also took some great photos

Like I said in July's post we had gotten an offer on our house, but they had backed out. It was a bummer! Not too much longer after that we got another offer. So back to packing up our house. One day I had Avery watching a movie while I was boxing up some stuff in the other room. I came back in and found her like this. Love when she goes down easily and doesn't fight it.

The third week at TP we went to the dinosaur museum.

While packing up our closet Avery found my cowboy boots. She loved them!

Avery always has a certain set up in bed with her. So when she is in a pack n play it gets pretty tight. She always has to have pillows, all her animals and even books. One day I peeked in on her and she had fallen asleep reading a book. Too funny.

2 month shots and still happy.
She is such a happy girl and growing fast. She is still pretty small for her age, but has the big Grossen head :)

The end of the month was pretty crazy. The buyer wanted us out of our house before the end of August. So we had to pack up fast. It was pretty stressful. Packing with a newborn and a toddler is not easy! I will just say a few tears were shed ;) We had some great helpers Andy and Rachel even came over to help while they were on vacation. They are awesome! We have some great family and friends! The last day in our house was crazy we still had a lot to do, and can't believe we got it done. It was bitter sweet. I was ready to move, but it was hard to think this is where we brought both our girls home. Every time we would pull up in the car Avery would say Home! and would be all excited. I was sad she couldn't say that anymore, but I am excited to find a new home and hopefully she will love it as well!

Just some other fun pictures!