Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Texas Two Step

Let's start off with Dancin! 
For the last few months Avery has been getting her Boogie On whenever she hears music. We got her Getting Down for a few seconds. John Travolta eat your heart out.
She is funny.

Avery has been standing for a few months now and she walks and walks around our coffee table as well as her play station. She goes round and round time after time. So she is walking pretty well and just barley hangs on when she does. I kept telling Brit I think she could walk if she wanted to because I would hold her hand and let go and she would stand then go down on her own. Alas she finally took her first step. It was only one or two steps but I'm going to go ahead and count it. 

"Bath Time". 
We put Avery in the Bath Tub for the first time for her Bath the other night. It was nice because she normally likes to splash around in her other baby tub and the carpet would get wet but in the normal tub she can splash to her hearts content. She liked it. Although we need to get a grippy mat for the bottom because she kept wanting to stand up and she slipped once and bumped her nose. Poor little lady, her first bloody nose..... :(    She was a trooper though and only cried for a minute.

On a side note I recently made a snowboard movie just for fun( I know, a little cheesey) with the help of Richards computer. I worked on it for maybe 1.5 hrs a week for the last month or so. I did it just for fun and it came out OK, although Brit continually thinks I am a nerd for doing it. Here it is. Don't worry about watching the whole thing, it's kinda long. The music is good.

Monday, April 15, 2013

On the move

Avery is on the move. She is all over the place, crawling, scavenging, climbing, exploring. Almost 10 month old now and love her so much.