Friday, May 30, 2014


Averys Birthday is fast approaching and since she will be 2 yrs old (24 months) in a few weeks we wanted to share 24 things that we love about our Stinkies, Pumpkin, Gourge, Avers.

She likes to put on her snowboard helmet and boots and walk around the house. 
She loves hot dogs, smoothies, applesauce and Pears. 
She always wants to eat what we have and loves for us to share with her. 
She is good at communicating what she wants. 
She knows about 100 words. 
She currently likes to say "stop" and "no no no no". 
She likes to play tea time. 
She loves to go get the mail and HAS to be the one that holds the key.
She very independent.  
She loves to try and unlock doors with keys. 
It is literally WWIII every time we get her in her car seat and we have to bribe her with treats. 
She loves to sing songs with hand motions. And does a great job with "The Wise Man Built ...."
She LOVES to climb on everything. 
She loves to play on playgrounds and go down the slides. 
She makes this funny hand motion when she wants to watch another video on our phones (no idea where she got it from)
When she gets cold she says "Cold" and puts her arms together. 
She pushes on our shoulder and says "go go go go".
I love the way she says the word "Sticky"
She says Noo Noos for Noodles

We love her so much and can't wait for the years to come with this little gift from God.