Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowboard video

Made a quick video from Averys first time snowboarding. She did great for about 25 mins then all she wanted to do was: walk around in the snow, brush the snow around while going down the hill, and brush snow off of the benches around the deck area at Snowbird. Which is OK by me. As long as she was having fun. Love her.
Here's to many more days on the slopes with stinkies.

Story of the week:
I got her training potty out and put it in the bathroom just do she could see it and get used to it being out. I put her on it and tried to explain to her what it is, what you do, etc.
So I guess the next day Brit said Avery grabbed her Minnie Mouse doll, pulled down Minnies undies and sat her on the toilet. Love it!