Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last 2012 Avery Upate

Avery has been growing up and making little advances every day! She is so cute and we love her so much.  We haven't blogged for over a month now so here are just a few of the happenings. Today we took Avery to her 6 month check up.
Here are her stats: Head, 17" 70%, Weight 14.8 lbs 25%, Length 26.5" 75%. Tall and skinny. Tall?

Jen and Jeff Ebert were in town so we got to hang out with them one night. Here is little Mila and Avery hanging out. Mila is so good at crawling. I like this photo, it's like Avery stuck her head in at the last second to get in the photo too. :)

Brit got this photo of Avery one morning when she was still asleep. She has started to sleep on her stomach with her bum bum in the air. Cutie
                                     Here is Avery getting a head start on the christmas gifts.

We started to feed her rice cereal and oatmeal. Avery loves it so much as you will see in the following video.

                                       Mommy and Avery in her Christmas dress. Avery has been sick the last few days but alas she is turning the corner today and doing MUCH better and is back to her old self.

Avery and Santa. Brit took Avery to the Southtown mall to get a photo with the "real" Santa but after waiting for 1 hr she found out she couldn't take pictures with her own camera and their package was $30. No thanks.

We bought Avery a Christmas present. It's a hippo that has balls that pop up. She likes it.

Christmas day. We had a great time for Christmas. We spent the night at my sisters and had a great dinner that night with the family. Christmas morning we woke up early and opened presents with the Dyers. Avery wasn't feeling so hot so she was kind of out of it. Later that day we went to the Grossens to have some dinner and open some presents. It snowed the day before and was sunny on Christmas. It was a great time for my little lady's first Christmas.

All ready to go in her new outfit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stinky Kins (Avery) VIDEO

We got some good video of her laughing the other day. It's fnny the things she thinks is so funny to her. Like this. A ball hitting her in the chest... She's awesome!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Drums please

Sometimes I play the drums with Avery so we decided to get it on film this time. She's awesome.


Friday, November 2, 2012

This is Halloween

For Halloween this year we headed up to Sandy for a block BBQ. We had a good time eating and getting to know another couple me met there with a 3 months old baby. 
Last minute Brit came up with a Minnie Mouse costume that turned out pretty well! Good job Brit!

This is the only photo we got of the night.  We love her.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3 month update a little late :)

Well Avery will be 4 months next week so I am a little behind, but better late than never.  She is growing so fast. She loves looking at everything. When we hold her she loves facing out. She will fuss if we turn her towards us. She has also been loving her bumbo!

and still loves her bath!

At the end of September I was driving when she had a major spit up and soaked herself and the car seat. I came home and started to clean the chair. I put her on the blanket and went to go put stuff in the wash. When I got back up stairs she was rolling over on to her stomach. I couldn't believe it. It was a fun surprise.

Also in September we celebrated  Sophie and Jack's birthdays. Sophie turned 2. She loves Minnie Mouse so she had a minnie mouse party. The cupcakes were adorable!

 She got a trike for her birthday.

 Jack turned 4. Ben and I got him a soccer ball.

At the beginning of October my mom was watching Jack and Sophie so we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was a lot of fun.
Jack showed us that he was the same size as the big penguin.

And Sophie was the size of the little one.

Avery loved watching the fish and otters swim around.

Also Avery loves chomping on her hands and now has found her feet as well. Love her!

Hopefully I will be better at posting her 4 month update :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DD Date

Did a daddy daughter date with some buddies on Saturday. Went for a hike up Temple Quarry trail. Avery did great and lasted about 10 minutes then fell asleep. :)  Love her.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Averys first laugh!

We got some video of Avery laughing for the first time. She is so awesome. She melts my heart.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disneylandia 2012 + more

We recently went to Disneyland/So Cal for a few days. We went with the whole Grossen crew. 16 in total counting kids.  We left on Wed afternoon and came back Monday night. We spent 2 days at Disneyland and a day at the beach. Avery was awesome the whole time and we love her so much.
As usual here are some photos to explain the trip.

 For the most part Avery liked the rides, here she is on the bugs life ride? Its cool because throughout the ride it sprays scents in the air, like watermelon and brown sugar.


Kate loved her Minnie Mouse pajamas she wore them the whole first day. 

 Cars land, for the most part all the lines weren't too bad. We waited in line for maybe 30 mins for the Radiator Springs Racer Fast Pass then maybe another 20 mins in line. It was a fun ride. But I think my fav are Toy Story, Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror.

 The first day it was pretty hot so being outside in the sun meant Benny boy here was sweatin bullets. Brit was feeding Avery and under that fabric it must be a sauna because she came out drippin. At least she has one of my attributes. 

 Asleep at the castle.

Mommy and Avery on the Little mermaid ride. Avery doing her best Heisman pose. 

Little Mermaid

 Phineas and ferb. I think my nephews used to watch this.


Lights out on the It's a small world ride

Splash Mtn. I don't think anyone actually buys the photos anymore. They just do what I did and snap a photo of the screen.

And on day 1, she was pooped at 11:14 PM. it was a long day.

Day 3 was Saturday. Chilling at the Newport Beach. What a cool chick.

La Familia Trujillo

Baby Kate wasn't afraid to get a little dirty.

Ricardo puttin his architecture skills to good use. Hey, have you seen our basement?

Tom P. Lovin the beach.

I think this kid could have spent the whole vacation at the beach.

Rach munchin on some chips.

Baby Avery got her first feel of sand.


We had to resort to using the sink at the hotel to bathe her. Worked out pretty well.

That night we celebrated Kate's and Sophie's 2nd Birthdays with a Minnie mouse party. 

A good shot of her powty lower lip. Just does this right before she is going to cry.

This was a day ago, her hair is getting long.

Let's see how many kids know who these guys are. My bro's boys are into this guy. HM.

Daddy and Avery at the beach. Showin a little shoulder.

Mommy tryin to get her to talk.

She has recently learned how to turn over. We love her so much.