Sunday, December 5, 2010

December delight

Every year that Sister Christoffersen has time, she builds a very extravagant gingerbread house and donates it to The Festival of Trees. We swung by one Sunday evening and checked this years masterpiece out. She did a great job!

The other night we had a group date with some friends and we ended up making a ginger bread house with everyone. It was a good time and here are some photos.

Josh brought out his level to make sure she would pass inspection, Josh gives his approval that it would in fact be good to go and I imagine sit on this current house market for months on end....

My mom and I got to go skiing at Deer Valley with Richard, Brooke and Ethan. It was a fun time and I am glad I got to go with my mom since she is the one that taught me to ski many moons ago. Thanks a ton Richard for hookin it up. Deer Valley is a high roller place to ski.

Momma gettin her ski on.

Showin that i still got it on the two planks. Honestly guys it's not that hard.....

Mom and I getting some.