Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Wedding! (Just a little late.)

Well me and Ben got married 3 months ago and I am finally posting our wedding pictures from our photographer. Sorry a little late. Some of you have already seen these, but here they are for the others who haven't. It was hard to pick from over 800 pictures. So if you want to see more let me know.

I love the Draper Temple and I'm so glad Ben agreed with me to get married there.
It was a perfect day. Even with the rain and the wind at the reception. At first I was a little nervous that it would be a bad storm, but it didn't ruin anything. People sat in the rain eating and it didn't seem to bug them. It turned out wonderful. It is funny took look at the picture of the temple below and think later that day it stormed. All in all it couldn't have been a better day. What a great experience it was to get married in the temple and be sealed for time and eternity. It is the best way to go!

Thank you to everyone that came that day and supported us. We really appreciate it and love you all!

This picture is great! I love looking at the facial expressions on people's faces. And I love Rachel and Loggan standing in front of us.

The extended Grossen Family

The Grossen Fam.

I love my siblings! They were all wonderful help for the wedding! Thanks!

My wonderful parents! Thanks for everything, and letting me have my dream wedding.
Love you!

My friends are wonderful! I'm glad they were all there for me that day, and it was wonderful to have Coral and her girls there all the way from Japan! I'm sure glad she planned a trip to Utah the week of my wedding.

Ben's side of the family. They are all wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for better in-laws! Thanks for all your help at the wedding and for the wonderful shower you gave me. And a great dinner!

Ben with his siblings.

Ben with his mom and step dad.

Ben and his dad.

Ben with the nieces and nephews. I love being their aunt.

Ben with his friends.

Cousins through cousins.

Now for just me and Ben.

I love these pictures by the windows. Draper Temple has the most amazing windows.

The reception set up. Thanks to everyone that helped set everything up. And to my amazing sister Melanie who planned all my flower arrangements. She did such a great job. I loved them all. Thanks to everyone that helped her put them all together you are great!

I loved our cake. It was just simple and I was glad to not have to throw a bunch of cake away. I love the flowers that Melanie got!

This one reminds me of that American Gothic Painting by Grant Wood. -Ben

My cute niece Rachel and nephew Tommy. I think this picture is great of them.

It looks like Jack was trying to pick Tommy's nose. Gotta love little kid interactions with each other.

We have the best nieces and nephews!

My Fam

Ben's Fam

Ben with the groomsmen.

Me and my bridesmaids.

My other bridesmaids.

And the storm came in.
Thanks everyone for getting the arch to stay up and taking everything in so it wouldn't get ruined. You are wonderful!

This one is for Kara. You have a wonderful husband!

Tons of yummy food! Thanks Grandma, Jill, Sue, Holly, Mom, and to everyone else for the preparation of it all. I heard everyone enjoyed the food.

Love ya Mel!

I love this picture!

It was wonderful to have two full rainbows for our wedding. It made some wonderful pictures for us!

Cute little Jack Jack!


Thanks to some wonderful neighbors for bringing some tents and making sure me and Ben had cover the whole time.

Ben and friends. You guys are great friends!

Ben and cute little Tayson.

Most of the girl cousins on the Grossen side with Ben.

Cutting the cake.

I wanted to smoosh it in his face, but he told me not to. So I thought I would be nice.

After people started telling me to smoosh it in his face and here he is telling them no. It sure is a classic no look for Ben.

Getting ready to toss my bouquet. I think Jen really wanted to catch it.

This picture just makes me laugh.

Ben tossing the garter. None of the boys wanted to touch that.

With our photographer Harmony. She was the best!

One of the reasons I wanted the reception in my backyard. We get some amazing sunsets.

My car with smooshed eclairs all over it. Chocolate is not easy to clean off of your car!

Well once again the day was perfect and it couldn't have been perfect without all your help. We have great families that helped prepare days in advance and the day of. Mel I think you need to start your own company, and mom, grandma, and aunts you need to have a catering business.
Our photographer was awesome and got some great pictures! And I'm sure glad we had her for this perfect day.
Thanks again to everyone!!!!

Also here are some of my favorite Bridals if you haven't seen them yet.