Sunday, September 28, 2008

87 degrees in Late September

Yet another weekend is currently being passed in the books. Friday night I had a Leadership Training at the Bishops house. It went well as there were about 25 peoplein attendance, we had a great dinner, played some hoop and then got down to business for about 2 hrs.

Saturday I went riding at the SLMX track in North Salt Lake. I carpooled with my roomate Josh, and met up with Jake, Jerad, Blake, Trav, A-bag and an old buddy Johnny 270. We had a great time, the track was in perfect condition and the weather was awesome to boot. I really enjoy riding at the track with all of my friends.

Here's A-bag getting the day started off on the right foot, errr boot.

A few other riders in the foreground and blake stretching out the big triple in the back ground, you go boy!

The back Triple

I got some new threads. No fear.


Me in the 8 pack then over the "dragons back"

Me on the big triple in the back. Probably the longest jump I have hit to date.

Sunday, September 14, 2008



Friday night I had my last Motocross race in the Rocky Mtn Raceway Plaza Cycle Motocross Park series. I had already wrapped up 2nd place in my class and didn't even really need to race but I went anyways and decided to race the Intermediate class just to see how I would do since if I end up racing again next summer that is the class I would be in. The first Moto I had a good race and was feeling pretty good and finished 2nd. The 2nd moto I again was feeling pretty good and was in 2nd place and the first place guy ended up falling so I took first for 1st overall for the night. I was pretty happy and felt great the way I rode. Here is a link to the final points standings of the year.

I raced the Over 25 Junior class and then Friday went to the Over 25 Intermediate class so you know where to look on the pages.

At the end of every race season they have a Banquet for all the racers around the beginning of October. That should be fun as they hand out the final trophies and have a formal dinner.
I had a great time going to all the races there on Friday nights and thank everyone for their support. This last race in attendance were: Heidi from Provo, Josh, Reeder, Natalie, Alie, My Moms, Step-dad, Amy, Dad, and Brit. It's nice to have people come support. It was a great summer out there with all the friends I made at the races and am happy I accomplished 2nd place.

Saturday Trav, Blake, Josh, Beck, Jake and Jerad went to ride SLMX and had a great time. I took a jump there I hadn't yet taken and it felt good, although on my bike it was hard to make it the whole way every time. 112' "Dragon's Back Table Top"

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Coley and I had a slumber party at my place. He had been wanting to come over and hang at Uncle Benny's for a while now. When I picked him up I was shocked to see his lower lip big enough to hang a few shirts on. Jen told me he had gone to the dentist earlier that day and I guess he had bit his lip while his lip was numb. Here is a photo. He was a trooper though. Didn't really complain.

Family Pic we took a while ago.

Trav, A-bag, Jeard, Jake and Blake have ridden the new SLMX Track a few times and I must say it sure is a blast. Here is a pic of me going through the "8 Pack". There is a series of 8 jumps or 4 doubles. It's a fun section and I have to give it everything my 250F has to get through each one. Each one is about 50 feet apart.

Andy, Rachel and the boys were able to come down and hang out. I love it any time I am able to see the boys. Here is a video of Benson B. while at my mom's house on a Sunday afternoon riding the tractor down the front lawn. As well as Coley after he took a spill. Shay lets everyone know exactly what hurts.

My last race for my Motocross series is this Friday so see you next week for an update on that.

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