Sunday, August 29, 2010


Within the past little while I have had an Aunt and Uncle pass away. They were both on the Trujillo side of the family. We normally don't get to see that side of the family all too often. Usually it's just during major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. A few days ago I started to think that I don't even know if I have photographs of either my Aunt Erma or my Uncle Jake, how sad is that. Will I even really remember them or what they look like in 10 years? I certainly hope so but this blog is dedicated to these 2 people. May we always remeber to have photos of family members to always help us remember who they were and how much they meant to us.

My Aunt Erma, she was great and we would ALWAYS get together at her house for family gatherings. Out of everyone on the Trujillo side, she was definitely the glue that held the family together. You will be missed Aunt Erma.

(She is on the left in the front wearing the gray skirt)

Uncle Jacob

We didn't get to see Uncle Jacob all too often so I didn't have a close relationship with him, but he was very nice, quiet and just kind of kept to himself and went with the flow. Many people at his funeral service mentioned how kind he was and how he would do things for people not wanting any recognition. As anyone who has met me dad, you can see the resemblance in the family very quickly.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We had a family photo taken the other day, while Andy's family was in town.

Brit and I went to my mission (Guadalajara, Mexico) buddies wedding reception. I was happy to see good ol Burt tie the knot. His wife also went to a Spanish speaking mission to Argentina. Congrats guys!

They had come over to our house to watch a world cup game a fdew weeks back and expressed their desire to have a taco stand at their reception. Some other friends that were there told where to go and they made it happen. Great idea guys!

I took down 8 of these puppies. Soooooo good! And very authentic to what we ate during the mission.

Brit went to Carley's shower and had a good time with her friends.

We had a BBQ at our house a few weeks back and had a blast playing volleyball.

Their new addition Parker.

T.J. just chillin.

Brit, Brickelle and Benson getting down and dirty on the tube.

Cole assuring Taysons safety.

Ky on the wakeboard.

Brit and I were also able to go La Caille for dinner a few weekends ago.

Beautiful Brittany

Rack of New Zealand Lamb

"The wall"

We definitely wouldn't have been able to go if it wasn't for our great friend Brandi from our old singes ward that gave us a gift certificate. Thanks Brandi

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Evening Lightning Storm Photographs

The last few nights there have been off and on lightning/thunder storms around the Salt lake Valley. Tonight was no different so I grabbed my DSLR, set the mode to "S" which I believe means Shutter priority, adjusted the time for the shutter to stay open to about 1 sec and jumped on the roof. It took a long time to snap even one photo but here is what I got after about 30 mins on the roof and minutes on end of waiting patiently with my finger on the trigger.