Sunday, December 30, 2007

Meadows Episode #6

Hello all my blogosphere homies, yes all 4 of you. So yesterday Andy and I were able to hit up meadows for a full day of riding. We arrived at the early hour of 8:45 which means we left my place at around 7:30. The snow was pretty good and we got a lot of riding in.
Now, there are many little secrets you can use while snowobarding and the seasoned rider knows many of them, rule #46 in the snowboard handbook reads as follows: If the lift lines are long, always choose the singles line. It was pretty crowded so Andy and I put rule # 46 into action all day. We had a great time, here are a few photos of the haps throughout the day. Peace.

Driving to Meadows

Tail Grab


Crail #2

View from Across

Top View
Bottom View (Andy holding up his JJ at the top)
Sequence #1

Sequence #2 (sick)

Sequence #3

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to each and everyone!


Last night was Christmas Eve and I spent it here at Andy and Rachel's place, we watched a movie named The Ultimate Gift , it was a really good movie and I am glad i saw it, click on the Movie name to see the trailer for it. I recommend it to everyone. Another Christmas has come and just about gone. It has been a good day. Had breakfast, hung out, and watched Hairspray the movie. I was a little surprised that I ended up liking it too. I got a few gifts for family members during the past week too. A few magazine subscriptions, a GPS, and some clothing. A was at Fred Meyer last night on my way home from Mt Hood Meadows ( by the way it was off the hook, probably the best snow I have ridden since being here) and I decided to grab some windshield wipers for my roommate nick. I rode in his car a few months ago, it was raining and he turned on his wipers or should I say knives.... It was metal on windshield and I don't think he really cared is the funny thing. So I bought him a set. Happy wiping Nick! So it was a good Christmas and I hope all of yours was as well!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well yesterday was my Birhtday and it went pretty well. I basically did everything I would do on a normal Saturday but I guess that is a good thing. That means I have a pretty good life right? I hit up the slopes with Andy and Rachel, watched a boring BYU Bowl game. Although they did win on a last second field goal attempt that BYU blocked to win the game! I was in a hurry to find a place to watch the game so I went to the local best buy and sat on their recliner and watched it on one of their 52" HD TV's, I know a little weird but not bad if you ask me. See the highlights of the game here.
And as always here are a few videos for this weeks "Meadows weekly update". Peace.

#1 Me at Meadows #2 Drew at Meadows

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the Season for Basketball

Last Friday the Jazz came to town for a game against the Portland Jail-Blazers, oh I mean Trail-Blazers. My Bad. A friend got us pretty good tickets for the game. We got a few looks as a friend and I walked around with our Jazz Jerseys on, but gotta represent right? Here are a few photos from the game. Jazz lost which was super lame, since when do the Jazz lose to the Blazers?

Andy and I were able to go to Mt Hood the other day here is a photo and a few videos. we had a great time, I really enjoy riding with the Bro.

Andy-B/S 180 Indy

Sunday, December 9, 2007


A really cool website with a ton of photos from Downtown Portland and the surrounding area.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Trip to Utah

Andy, Rachy, the boys and I were able to go to Utah for a few days. Andy and I went for a Yearly Conference put on by OrthoPro. We stayed up at Snowbird for a few days. There were lectures, and informative discussions about the company, it was good, I learned a lot. We also had a cadaver workshop for the reps and Dr's to try out some of OrthoPro's current products. A few friends came up Friday night and we chilled out in the Hot tub, nice to See my friends again and see them, Congrats to Aaron and Krid on their Pregnancy. Best of luck. We got to ride on Sat. at the bird here are a few pics and vids. We also got together at Jen and Trav's for a B-day celebration for the boys, we had a good time! All in all it was good to be back and see the family and friends.
Drew Slashin some PowThe Crew: L to R. Drew, Ben, Pauly, Bill (Yellow seems to be a popular choice this season)