Saturday, July 5, 2014

Meeska Mooska Avery turned Two-Ska!

I can't believe our little lady is two!
She was spoiled and had three parties!
Early in the month we celebrated all the May and June birthdays in the family at Grandma and Grandpa Kleinfield's house. We had a BBQ and banana cake and opened some presents.
The day before her birthday we celebrated at Grandpa and Grandma Grossen's house. We also had a BBQ and I made banana minnie mouse cupcakes for that night and for her actual birthday. We had lots of fun and she loves spending time with her cousins!

Her cupcakes with mini oreos for the ears and molding chocolate for the bows:

 She got lots of great presents! She loves them all. Thanks everyone!

McKenna sleeping through all the fun :)

Patiently waiting for a cupcake:

Enjoying some ice cream :) She usually has it on a cone so I think that is why she was eating it like this.

For her birthday we had a little pool party with some of her friends. Ben had gone out in the morning to fill up her pool so it could warm up and all day she kept asking me "wa wa side". She loves playing in her pool.
We barbecued some hot dogs for dinner and let the kids play in the pool and on the slide. It was fun to watch them.

She doesn't like splashes so we had the slide going out of the pool. They loved it.

Avery leading us singing her happy birthday:

She had a blast with her friends. Thanks for coming!

Singing her happy birthday.
I think my family should start a choir ;)

Avery loved all of her celebrations and we had a blast with her! Thanks to all of our friends and family for joining us in celebrating her 2nd birthday! We are so lucky to have you all!
We love our little lady and all her spunk! We look forward to all the years to come!