Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet August Days/Nights

Ahh how sweet the summer months are. Some photos of the last few weeks.

It was my roommate Josh's B-day a week or so back. A few of us went to Rodizio Grill and partook of their Lovely variety of meats which include anything from Sausage to Chicken Heart....Yum. Jeff, Allie, Britt, Blake Jerad, Josh, and Me.

Josh has recently got into motocross so most of us chipped in and got Josh a pretty Cool Fox Helmet.

Happy 25th!

I recently went to Lagoon with Brit for My work. They had a "work Party" inviting all who wanted to go plus one guest. I enjoy Lagoon about once a year so this was my chance to go. Some of the fond memories I have from years past include:

Ah the every rickety White Roller coaster. I think this thing has been around since they opened Lagoon. I wonder every year if it is going to be there when I pass by on I-15 and yet it still stands tall and proud. At least throw a coat of paint on......

I remember this one pretty well, the goal is to take the metal piece in your hands and slide the enclosed circle down and around the spiraling metal piece as it moves. If you touch metal to metal your done. Kind of like a different form of the Board game operation. I never saw anyone beat it.

How fast can you squirt water into a clowns mouth? I am sure was all remember this one as well.

So I wanted to feel manly in front of 4 other people walking by so I decided to throw my money away and win some 50 cent mini basketball. The goal was to throw a baseball faster than 65 mph. " Oh I got this I exclaimed" ready aim fire, yes! It clocked me at 68. Ya I still got a little juice in my arm. Thanks for the basketball, and on my first try, suckers!

Other fond memories I have from lagoon as a kid: Trying to flirt with girls on the sky ride. Riding on the music express and holding on for dear life as you go round and round, trying to smash your friend that so unwisely chose to sit on the outside. "Oh don't worry Kenny, that's the best seat in the house!" Working there when I was 15, I was the #1 corn flipper that summer at The Old Mill in Pioneer Village. And last but not least, riding in the paddle boats on the pond they have, some of you may be too young to remember this one.

They are building a new motocross track right next door to the Jordan River Track in North Salt Lake. They aren't quiet done yet but recently there were a few guys out there testing it out. It looks really fun but the jumps look pretty intimidating and big. Here are a few photos.

Me at Jordan River

Photo of a dude whipping it on a Huge triple at the new track, this track has some of the biggest jumps I have ever seen.

Here is a video of said Dude (O'driscoll) whipping it on a 130 ft "Excite bike jump".

We also went boating and I got to try out the air chair, it was a lot of fun. I kind of started getting the hang of it towards the end of the day. But here is a video towards the beginning, once that thing gets buckin your just along for the ride.

I was able to go to Portland and visit Andy, Rachel, and the boys. I love going up there because I get to see that boys and we usually get to snowboard in the summer. Here are a few pics.

Me and all the boys, Tayson Boy (T.J.) Loggan and Benson B.

Benson B. Always chatting your ear off. He's always really happy.

T.J. This picture says it all, what a cute little guy.

Loggan, nice face dude. This one is going to be the tester of patience. He is all over the place!

I am sure Andy is happy about this one. We were about to leave to head up to Mt. Hood and Loggan apparently wanted to come with. Maybe we can hit the slopes next year dude.

Method on a fun hip at HCSC.

You like my new grill? 09 Burton Seven 151

Drew, getting his stalefish on at Hood.

We went to Multanomah Waterfall. It is really pretty and we went at the perfect time of day. Thanks to Jen for going with me and Andy and Rachel for letting us stay there. We had a great time. We also got to see Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Peter Line, Danny Kass, and the Dingo, thanks for the hat!

And last but not least I got a new calling in my Ward. I am the new EQP. I am sure everyone who reads this blog already knows, but we made it official yesterday at church. I am very nervous and feel somewhat inadequate to have this calling but I think it will be a life changing thing and am looking forward to working with all the great guys in my ward.