Sunday, May 25, 2008

May Blog

Well once again it has been a while since I have posted a blog, I was really on top of it living in Portland but have slacked since moving back. Maybe because my 3 readers of this blog I see just about every week so they already know what is going on. Well i have had a few great weeks.

A few weeks ago i was able to got to Kylee's (My neice) last Volleyball game. It is great she enjoys playing a sport and she has a wicked serve. All you 10 yr olds better watch out next year!

After that I went to Watch Cole's (nephew) last soccer game. He is an animal and I think spends just as much time tumbling to the grass as he does on his feet.

I also saw Indiana Jones I I must say 2 thumbs down, honestly it was ok, but just not the Indiana I grew up with. Why must Steven Spielberg try and incorporate an Alien in every movie he has a hand in. Lame.... Aliens and Indiana don't mix. What happened to the good ol days of snakes, abarigines, and that trusty whip....