Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday Paul and I were able to go up to Beaver Mtn for their anual Big Air Contest. It turned out to be a beautiful day and although neither of us made it to the finals it was fun none the less. The had got about a foot of fresh POW the night before so the event was great but the shreding we did in the mean time was even better. Here is one of my jumps for the comp. F/S 7. Not too bad and wondered why I didn't make it to the finals but better luck next time right......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Seeing that it is warming up, I thought I would post a picture from summertime and a look into the future of what we all have to look forward to this coming summer!
Just found this photo of Brickelle and I during the summer. My ward had a "Jello Slip n' slide" FHE activity so I took Brickelle with me. We had a great time. "Tells" is always down to go along for the ride, or slide in this case.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 de Marzo

IBALTSIHB (It's been a long time since I have blogged)

Ok so a lot has happened in the past while. I am officially back in Utah! And have done a bunch of fun stuff since moving back. I do best with sharing experiences through photos so here goes. This is going to be somewhat of a continued blog from the last. I have been slacking majorly in the "blog Department. But alas I am back. Paul and I were able to hit up The Canyons as well as Nordic Valley YES I said Nordic Valley. I grew skiing there with my mom hence it brought back a lot of memories of my early years on skis and a shred stick, they have since put in a new lift just for their "snowboard park" as well as renamed the Resort, it is called Wolf Mountain now. Check it out here Make sure and see the sky high lift ticket prices of $22! It was fun and their park was a pretty good time even though we only took 2 runs. (we were on our way home from riding at powder and were pretty pooped. Plus they never checked for passes. Nothin like free riding. Ya you guys know what I am saying. Also a half-pipe comp at park city, riding at Mesquite, and more.

Me at Nordic Valley er Wolf Mountain (some funky f/s 5)

Pauly gettin at steezy on me at The Canyons. Frontside B.S. w/the fingers splayed like J.P.


Paulys Sick f/s 180 switch 50 50 to f/s b.s.

F/S 3 Tail

Me, Nose bonk over tube, F/S on flat down.

Paulys back 3.

Paulys funny "Quad Tap" on the wall ride

My Buddy Aaron (A-bag) and I were able to go to St. George and Mesuite Motocross track this past weekend. We had a great time in the 70 degree weather. The track was in awesome shape and there very few riders there making for a really great time!

My 07 KXF250F

Mesquite MX Track. Check it out here

My new MSR Gear, Sweet.

My Buddy A-bag riding his brand new 08 KX250F, nice form!

A-bag airing it out on the step-down, this was his fav. jump.

A-bag jumping over a few guys. Atta Kid!

Me on the step-down

Me on a jump

A-bag on the big down hill, then the step-down

A-bag, different view of step-down

Me at Mesquite. Whoops then double, double.

My Buddy Josh Cluff (40) lives down in St. George with his wife Deanna and family. He was gracious enough to let us stay at his place, here is a pick on his youngest boy Jordan. Cute kid and really laid back just like his parents. # 3 is on the way for them and it is a girl! Good luck guys and thanks again! (40 told me he was at Fiesta Fun riding the go-carts at the same exact time the night that lady got scalped on the go-cart, he said he was pretty aw-struck and it was pretty gross. If you didn't hear about it, click here)

Cole had his 5th b-day party. We celebrated at grandmas house with some fun games like walking the plank. (walking on a 2x4 blindfolded) Careful or the sharks will gobble you up!

The U of U Institute put on a formal dance at the capitol. It was fun to get dressed up and try and make it clap.

Our Group

Pauly and I went to Superpipe chamionship at Park City, it was fun to see all the pros and their 2009 outerwear.

Pauly and Mason Agguire

Andy Finch and I

Heiki Sorsa (can I buy your outfit from you Heiki?)

Pauly and Heiki

Keir Dillon and I

Luois Vitto and I

JJ Thomas and I (he is a Olympic Medal winner)

They had a few snowboarders come down the pipe, they did ok but it was nothing amazing, and I thought to myself OK that was alright but nothing awesome... until they got to the bottom and were missing a lower limb! Now that is amazing!

I went to a BYU mens Volleyball game. It was fun since I have never been to one before.

I was looking through some pictures and found this one with my mission to Guadalajara Mexico. Pres. Torres is from Columbia. This was during a mission reunion. I decided to throw it in because he had a big impact on my life. He is a great man.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feb. 08

Here are a few videos of haps in the last month or so. Paul and I were able to go to The Canyons last week for an epic day of riding.