Thursday, January 22, 2009

At Your Leisure

A Buddy from High School (Todd Koller) used to work Producing a Local TV show called At Your Leisure. He asked me a year or two back if I wanted to do a Motocross show with him. Sure! I replied.
I just found it online. A little Corny on my part, but hey it's me. Enjoy.

Click HERE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Got a few half-bangers the past few weeks at Brighton so decided I would show them. I love that resort. My crew and I got just about every spot on lock down there. (Don't worry ma, everything is in-bounds)

I love my kit this year. Pretty much Burton Head to toe. Analog Outerwear, Anon Gogs, Ruler Boots, 09 UnInc Binders and Board that glows in the dark! Thanks for the beanie Mo!

The garden

Mily, best place on a pow day.

My normal Crew. Travee and Mowgli, Pensive.

B's Beard got pretty gnar half way through the day, Thats what face shots will do to ya.

Little Clif Drop we found. Fun.

I am buying a new Whip, heading to L.A. for the Supercross race, and flying to Portland/Hood with Andy so stay tuned.....