Monday, April 25, 2016


This year I joined four other moms from our neighborhood and did a rotation for Joyschool. This past Wednesday was my last day of teaching. I really enjoyed doing it and Avery has loved it. It was fun to come up with fun activities and crafts for the kids to do. Some days were easier than others.
 I had the first day of school and we did the letter A. I also did F, K, P, V, Y, 1, and 4.

A is for Apple and Ants
We made apple trees by tracing their arms and hands then cut out some green for the leaves and then they used their finger tips and red paint to make apples on the trees. We sang The Ants Go Marching, Sorted apples that had A's and a's  on them and put them into piles and snacked on apples and ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins).

F is for Frogs and Fish.
We made frogs out of two paper plates and red party blowers for their tongues. The kids put speckles on them and glued on eyes, arms, and legs. Then we sang Five Little Speckled Frogs.

We read the Rainbow Fish book then the kids glued on colorful scales and eyes with a capital F fish.

We also had fruit bowls for a snack. And went fishing for letter f fish.

K is for King 

We made crowns for a King

We had fruit Kabobs and Kool-aid for snack time.
I also made them rice krispie treat kisses to take home.

P I had a lot of fun with. There are so many things that start with the letter P!
P is for puppet, playdoh, picnic, and popcorn.
I put on a little puppet show about being polite for the kids which they all loved and were laughing pretty hard. Then I had them make their own puppet and put on a show (a much smaller one :)) It was a lot of fun.

Then for snack time we prepared a picnic. We popped some popcorn and put that and pretzels into our basket then layed out a blanket for a picnic inside since it was too cold outside.

I also had them say "please" to get their snack or when they wanted more.

Then we made some Kool-aid playdoh for them to play with and take home.

It was a fun day!

Letter V just happened to be right around Valentine's day. So that was perfect.
We made Valentine bags for the Valentine's the kids brought to share.

I made some heart molds with baking soda and then gave them Vinegar to pour on to it to see what would happen.

I was also going to make a Volcano, but ran out of time to make it. So I just used a plastic cup instead. They loved it.

Then we had veggies and veggie straws for snack time.

Y is for Yogurt, Yawn, Yeast, and Yard
I taught them how yeast works. Then made soft pretzel dough and had the kid roll theirs out and make a letter Y. We then baked them and ate them for snack time as well as some yogurt pops I made them.

The made a letter Y into a person yawning. :o  with Yarn for hair.

Then we played in the yard and with water balloon yo-yo's.

#1 was the day before St. Patrick's day so I did Lucky one!
We did a scavenger hunt to find the colors of the rainbow and to find their pot of gold. The pot didn't have any gold in it so we played a game to earn gold to glue on. They threw pennies into a pot and got a piece of gold for each penny they made in.

They also made leprechaun hats.

It was a fun day.

And #4 was my last turn.
I decided since they all turn/turned 4 this year to do a Birthday theme.
So we made cupcakes.

I gave them 4 birthday candles and they made the number 4 with them.
We played musical chairs starting with 4 then took out a chair and counted the number of chairs each time someone got out.  They loved this and played it a lot.

They also made hand print birthday cakes with their four fingers as the birthday candles. Then they frosted their four cupcakes they got to take home.

I am so glad I was able to do this and watch Avery learn and grow.