Sunday, June 24, 2012

Avery Jane Trujillo

Baby is here! 7 lbs 5 oz. And 19.5 in long

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Growing Belly

Here are all the belly photos Ben took of me. It is fun to look at my growth each month. I'm glad he took them, even though at times it was hard for him to have me take a picture :)

Now she just needs to get here so we can take lots of pictures of her!

Just Playing the Waiting Game

Well my due date has come and gone. I had a Dr.'s Appointment on Monday. When I got there I found out that my doctor wasn't even there. She was on call during the weekend and they get Monday off when they do that. I was wondering why they scheduled me an appointment when they knew she wouldn't be there. I wasn't too happy about that since it was my due date. I have been 80% effaced and a 1/2 cm for a few weeks now. The only thing that had changed since my last appointment was I lost 3 lbs. The nurse said that happens to some girls when they are close to delivering.

Since Monday the days have been getting harder and harder. I am super anxious to finally meet our little girl. I have been trying to keep myself busy. I have cleaned a lot and don't remember the last time our house was this clean and it still could use some work. We went for a walk at the Temple Quarry, to my friend's wedding reception, saw Snow White and the Huntsman, and some other stuff. It hasn't distracted me enough. This waiting game is hard. I have been hiding out at home because I was getting tired of people asking me when the baby is coming. It has really shocked me how many people that you don't know will just start talking to you like you know them.

I'm ready for Avery to come!

Ben got a phone call on Tuesday from a member of our bishopric. They asked him to speak at a branch in our stake on Sunday. I hope it's not bad of me to say I hope he won't be able to do it. I want Avery to come!

Well our Nursery is pretty much put together. I found a cute lamp shade on pinterest and decided to do it for the nursery. So on Saturday I covered a cheap lamp shade that I found. I love it. I still want to find some cheap frames to spray paint and letters to put on the wall above her crib. So maybe that will be my next project if she doesn't come soon. Here are some pictures:

Well since I haven't blogged lately I have lots of pictures. Ben already posted about the wonderful shower his mom gave us. My mom and the ward I grew up in also gave me wonderful showers. I'm very grateful for the wonderful people in our lives. Avery got lots of great things. Here are some pictures from the ward shower and also of some of the cute things we got:
Some of the ladies at the ward shower.
 My friend Carly I grew up with.
 Carly made these cute marshmallows for the shower.
 One of my clients gave this to me. She is a sweet lady. Her parents live up at Alta for the winter. Her mom comes in every week to get her hair done and she would get manicures when she would bring her mom in.
 My previous secretary gave me this adorable snow outfit and dress. I am sure Ben is excited to play in the snow with her!
 The ward group gift.
 Some cute clothes!

 My mom got me a diaper bag for Mother's Day. Thanks Mom!

 These boots are so adorable! I can't wait for her to wear them!
 Thanks Amy, Dan, Jack and Sophie for the adorable outfit and fun toys!

 I can't wait for our cruise!

 My grandma is amazing! Thanks for this quilt and everything else you made for Avery!

 I couldn't get a very good picture of this bracelet. I love it! Thanks aunt Jen for making it!

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful stuff you gave Avery! We are blessed with great family and friends!!! (Sorry for the picture overload)

Can't wait for her to come. We scheduled for me to be induced on Tuesday night, but I sure hope she comes before then!!!!