Thursday, May 30, 2013

St. George and Zion NP

This past weekend we went to St George and Zion NP. It was mainly for a Family Reunion on Brit's dads side of the family. We left around noon on Friday. Drove down with a few stops on the way. We carpooled with Richard. Avery did a pretty good job and only fussed a few times. She was a trooper. We went to Zion on the way down for a quick hike to "Wheeping Rock" It is beautiful there and can't believe Utah has such diversity all within a few hours. We then went to St George and arrived at the hotel. Sat we the reunion kicked off at a family owned Farm called Staheli Farm. They had a lot fo cool stuff there for families and kids: cows, chickens, bunnies, turkies, a bounce pillow, swing, a field, tractors, etc. I can't wait until Avery is a little older and can know a little more what is going on although she kinda has the idea now. We played kick ball, had a best golf chip contest (Which I believe i won!) and ate lunch. It was a great time and loved it. (It reminded me of my Aunt Jan's farm up in Morgan we used to go to as a kid. We would go play around in their indoor stable, watch my grandpa blast pigeons in the barn and just hang out when I was a kid.)  We also went swimming in the pool, had a dinner for the Reunion, had a pancake breakfast at Brits great grandmas house, watched a slide show or old photos and videos and stopped at Zion on the way home to do a fun hike called "Temple of Sinawava". All in all it was a great time and was envious that they made this happen as I would love to see my extended family during reunions.
We tuckered Avery out but she did a pretty good job overall. I can't wait to go do more family trips like this with Brit and Avery.
For a more full review of things check out Brooke and Ethans blog HERE.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Once Meses

Avery is 11 months today! We can't believe she is almost 1 Yr old! We love her so much and she is learning new things every single day. Here are 11 things about Avery to celebrate her 11 months today.
1. She loves to Clap. She will clap if we clap or if someone on TV claps.
2. She is so close to walking on her own. She can cruise up and down our couch by holding on and can take a few steps, but she is close to full on walking. Not sure if that is good or bad since she is already into everything.
3. She loves to climb on anything to get higher up. A Book, A toy, My face. She always want to climb.
4. When she hears a dog barking she will do her own bark. She loves dogs and watching them run around.
5. When she doesn't want any more of what she is eating she will close her eyes and turn her head. That means "No more dad!"
6. When she hears music playing she will start bouncing like she is dancing. 
7. She is a good eater and usually eats whatever you put in front of her. Although her favorites are probably Avocado, yogurt and fruit.
8. She goes pretty easy at night. We will set her in her crib and she will usually just cuddle in a ball, stick her bum in the air and hit the sack.
9. Avery hates anything over her eyes or head. When we change her shirt she will tense up if the shirt is covering her eyes just for a second.
10. If she isn't paying attention and is holding something she will stand on her own for a good 30-40 seconds. As soon as she notices she sits down. 
11. Her little feet are chubby and usually won't fit shoes. They are like little bricks attached to her legs.
Happy 11 months Avery we love you!

Friday, May 17, 2013


We knew stinkies had 2 teeth coming in on the bottom. But she would NOT let us ever see them let alone snap a photo of them. I was able to snap this one yesterday. She hasn't been too extra fussy so that is good. Love her so much.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Box Car Race

She doesn't change her expression too much.....Is she having fun or maybe she is just hundry?

Just click on the link below.