Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Kennas is really getting a little personality and it's so fun to see the different things she will do and say.  She gets her feeings hurt pretty easy and will open her mouth wide open like she is crying but no sound is coming out. She loves to play with her big sister Avery even though they don't always get a log. Avery has also been more interested in playing with her the last few months which wasn't the case when Kennas was a baby.

Whenever she is in her chair to eat she always crosses her legs. Funny Girl.

I will play a game with the girls called "Tossy's" where I will throw them into the air and onto the bed or couch.
The other day Mckenna grabbed her little doll and started to play, funny girl.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mex, Guad.

My mission President from Columbia recently contacted me asking if I could share some mission photos and info with him. I dug up my storage bin with all of my mission stuff. Pretty fun to go through. I wanted to share some photos from my mission to Guadalajara, Mexico from 1999-2001. What a great place and time. I loved my mission. It is a huge city with a population of about 5 million.

The Family Anguiano Ochoa. From Colima Mexico. VERY poor but what a fun family to teach. Thanks to FB I have been able to keep in touch with the kids.

                                  Our Weekly Agenda Sheets where we kept track of Apts.

The sight of the Guadalajara Temple. They broke ground While I was serving so it was cool to be a part of.

In one of my areas about 1 Hr outside of Guadaljara called Estipac. VERY small village, I would compare it to Morgan, UT. Every year when the sugar cane was ripe they would burn all of the leaves, etc off.

Zone activity at "Sirloin Stockade" One of the only American style Buffet type restaurants in Guad.

The mission offices we right next to "El Estadio Jalisco" where the Chivas and Atlas play soccer. While walking by one day we got to go inside to snap a few pics.

                    Groundbreaking of the Guad Temple. Me and Elder De Lima from Tijuana, Mex.

One of the coolest families we taught. The Family Mendoza Ochoa from Guad. I have also kept in touch with them. I returned to my mission 3x after serving and every time I stayed with them.
One time My mom and I went back and stayed with them.  One night at about 10 PM they planned a Mariachi Band to come by the house and play some music. We all danced and had a good time. Something I will never forget.

My first Baptisms. I was only in the mission for a bout a month or two. they had been speaking to the missionaries for a time and for some reason when I arrived with my Comp (Elder Myers) they started to progress (fulfilling something it says in my PB.)  Later during my mission I had heard he was made an EQP in his ward. But MAN, I wish I could remember more about them to try and contact them. This is actually going to motivate me to contact the mission office and see if they can help me out.

                                                      A great family, La Familia Lizardi

                      We built a stand in a big fair to try and share the gospel with the passerby's.

Something that is very big in Mexico are "Los Teaguis" Basically just a ceertain area of the city every day of the week where they put up these stands and sell items. They sell all day then take them down at days end. Kind of like our Farmers Markets but bigger and better. Here again we put up a stand to talk to shoppers. You can see us in the back.

                                Zone Leaders Conference at the Mission presidents House.

Another stand we put up at a big fair on Colima. Colima is a different state next to Jalisco. It was probably my favorite area. It's so tropical and beautiful there.

We were invited to teach the first discussion to a class at this Catholic College. It was a good experience.

While living in the small pueblo of Estipac we (Elder Goodale and I) lived next to a butcher. Almost every morning around 6:30 we would hear a Pig squealing for his life (literally). We because friends with the family and one day we decided to help out a little.