Sunday, March 16, 2014

February: A fun and not so fun month

February was an eventful month for us. To start it off Ben took Avery snowboarding. He already posted a video, but I wanted to post some of the pictures he got. Ben is happy to have a snowboarding buddy :)

I think she likes walking in the snow more. There have been a couple times when we took her sledding and all she wanted to do was walk around. 

He went with our friend Travee and his little girl Claire.

Love this picture:

 Ben has taught Avery to make silly faces. She makes me laugh.

For Valentine's day Ben got us a night stay at Little America. We had my sister Brooke and Ethan watch Avery for us (Thanks again guys!) Avery and Ellia's first slumber party :). We headed down early in the afternoon and decided to do an early dinner to beat the crowds. We went to Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious. Then we walked around City Creek. Then checked in to the hotel and headed over to Temple Square. We went to the Joseph Smith movie and walked around for a little bit and ran into a couple from our ward and our last bishop and his wife from our singles ward. It was fun to see them. Then we went to Trader Joe's and also got a Jamba Juice. It was a fun night and our first night with out Avery. I missed her lots! Sadly we didn't get any pictures.

That same week my sister Melanie and her family came into town. On Saturday we met up with my family at the Zoo. Avery use to not like the carousel, but loved it that day and was really sad when we took her off.

That night we celebrated Valentine's day. With dinner, cookie decorating, and Plinko! It was a fun night.

Sunday night we had an Olympic night. We had a bobsled race. Avery even decorated her own bobsled.

She wasn't too sure about it.

Her gold medal.

This little girl has a big sweet tooth!

Cousins Kate and Sophie were bringing Avery a feast. She was loving it.

Avery loves her ice cream

Kate was dancing for us and Avery had to join in.

We had some great weather while they were here. Avery loves playing with Mowgli and chasing him.

Her first experience with chalk. She wasn't really into it.

The battery was dead in Lightning McQueen. Tommy was nice enough to give Avery a little ride. She loves that car.

Of course we had to go to Brick Oven. So yummy! Avery loved sitting with her cousins.

My brother wanted to know who was bigger. 

Avery loved playing with the bigger girls and would follow what they did. She is constantly scaring me with how much of a dare devil she is. She gets it from Ben that is for sure!

It was fun having everyone together. Avery loves having lots of kids to play with and sometimes I think she thinks she is older than she is. We sure do miss them and can't wait to see you guys in November!

Lately Avery has been interested in putting her clothes on. She doesn't have it quite yet. She puts her shirts on through her feet. She is funny.

One night we were looking at bed frames at the Down East Outlet. Avery is not the easiest to shop with and of course wanted to climb in all of the bed frames. She got in to one and slipped and bonked her head. I didn't notice that she had a cut at first and had picked her up and handed her to Ben. A little later I looked over and saw blood running down her face. I freaked out. I felt so bad. I immediately called her pediatricians office hoping they would still be open at 6:30 at night. We were in luck. I tried explaining how deep it was on the phone, but that was hard. The nurse said she would talk to the Dr. and call us back. About 15 minutes later she called and said the Dr. could stay late if we could come in right then. I was so grateful that she stayed late for us and that I didn't have to take her to the ER. Her Dr. said it was in a good location and if it had been anywhere else on her face we would have had to gone to Primary Children's Hospital to see a plastic surgeon. So she got Avery a dum dum and cleaned it out really well then glued it shut. Avery did pretty well, but I did have to hold her down most of the time. Since we had missed dinner I took her to In'n'Out that was right by the office and she loved it.

What it looked like when we had first cleaned up the blood.

All glued shut

A couple days later the glue had worn off and her Dr. had said it should last 4 to 5 days. So I got worried that it would need to be glued again. It was a Saturday so we had to take her to Urgent Care, but all they did was put ointment and a band aid on it. That should be an interesting bill.

After Ben took her up to do some more snowboarding.

One day Avery had grabbed her little soccer ball and put it in her mouth. I have no idea where she thought to do that, but I thought it was pretty funny.

February was also a month of sickness for Avery and I. Ben had gone up to a yurt with my dad the beginning of the month and one of the nights he was gone Avery had woken up and threw up all over her crib. Of course Ben was gone and made a long night and weekend for me. Then we both had gotten colds. Then Ben went on another yurt trip and the night before he left Avery was throwing up a lot. I was thankful he was still home to help me with her, but then that day I had caught her nasty bug and couldn't hold anything down even water. I got a little nervous with being pregnant that I would have to go get an IV. Luckily I was feeling a little better in the morning. Avery watched a lot of movies that weekend. I was worried that Ben might have caught the bug as well and would share it with everyone in the small yurt. That would have made a fun weekend, but Ben has the strongest immune system. Lucky guy!

Avery was pretty tired from the night before and took an extra nap laying on the floor with me.

I am pretty glad spring is almost here and hopefully that will mean less sickness!

Here are some pictures I forgot to add to January:
Jen was in town and we were able to go to lunch and hang out for awhile. I'm glad we were able to get together and can't wait to see you guys soon!
Here is Avery with her dog Zeke.

Avery loves to color

We put a blanket over her table and she was loving her little fort.

I gave Avery an Oreo and she knew exactly what to do.

One day Avery had gone downstairs and grabbed her snow boots and put them on herself. So cute! I think she is going to be just like her daddy. Love her so much!

January 2014

January was a pretty good month. As we know Ben bought Avery her first snowboard. He was pretty excited about it.

She loves being pulled around in it. 

One day we visited Daddy at work. She liked sitting in his chair and playing with the Laptop.

We have been lucky with some pretty great weather this winter.
 We met up with some friends at the zoo and it was a perfect day.

One night when I was at work Ben took Avery to dinner with Grandpa Albert.

Avery loves peeling her own cuties. She is pretty funny if it falls apart she will freak out.

Another night we met up with some friends in our ward and went to Cabela's. I had never been before, it was pretty neat.

Avery loved the tents and cots. Looking forward to taking her camping sometime.

And just a really cute picture of Avery. Love her so much!