Sunday, January 27, 2008

Loggans First few steps and the Portland Intl Car Show

So this weekend we caught Loggan taking a few steps by himself. Okay so they weren't his first "real" steps but cloase enough. I bet he could take a good 6-8 steps by himself, but he just doesn't feel like it sometimes. Anyways, here are a few videos of him taking a few! Good Job Loggan Boy!

Friday I also was able to go to the Portland Intl. Auto Expo. Here are a few photos from the event. My personal pick would the Black Benz. SICK!

H2 Sitin on 30's.


Porche GT 3

Some Car I have never heard of a Spyker? (by Lamborghini?)

Sweet Interior, I like the stitching

Benz, can't go wrong with Black on Back

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Cal

Last weekend I was able to go to Southern California for a Supercross race at Angels Stadium in Anaheim and for a little R and R. I flew into LAX on Friday morning, we picked up our Sick 02 Seibring, equipped with a rag top and these super limited 15's. (that photo is for you travee) We popped the top and headed where else but straight to the beach. My friend A-bag has a sister that lives with her Husband John in Balboa. We drove there and met him and Jon on Balboa Island. It is such a sweet place, you have to take a short ferry ride over to the island. It is such a chill, slow paced atmosphere there. We grabbed a few bikes from Jon's office and Myself, A-bag and Lisa were off for a nice relaxing ride on the boardwalk. 70 and sunny, it was a great time.

A-bag doing his best Pee Wee Herman impression.

After that we went to dinner at a nice restaurant in Laguna Beach call Las Brisas. The food was good and we just caught the sunset. After that we went to see I Am Legend at a mall. Check the preview out here. I had seen it before but I really liked it so I didn't mind seeing it again. Walking through the mall I spotted a jewelery Kiosk and this is what they had on one full side. Grills! So funny the junk they have in So Cal. (For those of you who are asking themselves why I didn't post a picture of a nice Coleman Patio grill is because grills are gold or diamond fake teeth, rappers and others think they are cool by having a shiny "grill") Yeah! What!

We stayed at a couples home that Lisa knows. Dwight and Mel. They have 4 great kids, and 2 of the kids are a set of twins. They were very kind by letting us stay there. Great people no doubt. Saturday we headed to the stadium around 1 and watched practice, walked through the pits and people watched. The racing was pretty good and we had a great time. Although James Stewart the fastest guy on 2 wheels pulled off the track in practice and this is what followed. Click Here and then click on the Stewart Video.
Next Great one

Click Here for a video of RV

GL, my new Fav. in the 450 class, one cool dude.

Click for a video of his crib. Video 1
Video 2

Dungey, A-bags man crush and my pick for the 08 250f champ


Weimer, my new fav. in the 250 class

1. RC, CR and MC doing a parade lap, pretty sweet.

2. Dungey getting all he can out of his 250f off this huge triple

Sunday we went to a singles ward in Newport Beach. The chapel is right next to the temple. It seemed like a great ward and we had a good time at the service. I overheard someone talking about the "linger Longer" after church. (A linger longer is a meal after church where the members can well, linger longer. At my wards in Sandy and here in Portland we always had a pretty good one. Salads, desserts, a beverage and always a main dish. So anyone would automatically think Oh it's Newport Beach they have got to have Caviar, lobster tail and possibly fillet Mignon upon request. So we walk in the gym after the services and out of the corner of my eye like a great Aztec pyramid were about 50 cup O noodles stacked up on a plastic table like a poorly constructed card castle . I just had to laugh.......

Newport Beach Temple (They had to throw a pinkish dye in the mix for the exterior as per mandate by the city, looks a little different from the outside by all the same inside)

On the way to the airport we stopped off to the fashion district and hit up Santee Alley. It's a outdoor market place so it was cool. I picked up a cool looking suitcase and a tie, not bad for 30 bucks. We also had to make a pit stop that you always need to make while visiting So Cal, In N Out. It's a burger joint that makes a lot of their stuff fresh, literally. They cut the real potatoes right in front of you. Yum.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The New Whip

I love motocross, everything about it. Going to races, watching on the TV, bench racing and especially riding. I had a 2005 Kawasaki KX250F. I recently went to a local shop that used to sponsor a professional race team. I saw a few of their official team bikes and fell in love. Fast Forward to today and I am driving away from Motosport Hillsboro with one of those exact bikes. I put mine up on craigs list, sold it in a few short days and went to the dealership to get my new whip. Here are some photos and info on it. I am so stoaked to ride it.

2007 Kawasaki KX250F

Pro Circuit Ti-4 Full exhaust

Pro Circuit Oversized Footpegs

Pro Circuit Suspesnion Linkage

Team Carb.

Hinson Clutch Basket

Hinson Clutch Hub

Hinson Pressure Plate

Hinson Clutch Cover

Renthal rear and front sprocket

Renthal Gold chain

Renthal grips

Renthal Bars

Lite speed Carbon fiber skid plate

Excel fron rim

Excel Rear Rim

Team Motosport graphics

Chrome Polished Frame

To finish off the past few days Loggan has been taking a few steps!! He is really pretty good when he wants to do it. Here is a video of him, although he wasn't feeling it this time. We will get a video soon though!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Futbol Anyone?

It has been a bit since I last blogged, but with good reason Andy, Rachel and the boys have been in Idaho and Utah for 2 weeks so I have been busy here holding down the fort with work and eating all their foo.... Oops I mean cleaning their house and making sure everything is in order. So I have gone 2 weeks in a row now but a bunch of people get together every Friday night at Tigard High School and play soccer. It is a sweet set up. Someone that plays has keys and access to the field. We start at 8 p.m and play on their Astro Turf Field under the lights. It is really fun and kind of competetive, good times.

Last Saturday I got to go ride my MX bike at the indoor track called Hindsight. I went with my riding buddy up here named Nick. He lives in Tigard, married and has 2 kids. Not sure if I have mentioned it before but he is one awesome guy. I really like riding and hanging out with him. Great guy. For christmas I gave him a proclamation to the family framed so that was cool. Here is a video I posted on Youtube of he and I riding at the Track, sorry no sound and kind of grainy.

My buddy Blake Nelson was able to come up and visit this past weekend so that was fun to have him around. He served his mission here a few years ago so he kind of knows his way ward. His Bro. bought a car up here and so he came up to pick it up and hang for a day or two.

The Supercross Season has started. the first race was last weekend in Anaheim CA. I watched it live on speed. I love watching, following and attending anything that has to do with Motocross(outside)/Supercross (In a stadium). In Fact I am going to L.A. in a week to attend a Supercross race, I am super excited to go and soak up the sun, go to the race, and just have a break.

Here are a few preview videos of the upcoming season. First the Supercross class (450F) and 2nd the Lites class (250F, the size of bike I ride). And lastly a quick Interview with James Stewart, the reigning Supercross Champ talking about theis upcoming season. He is one bad dude! Also check out this whip he does of a jump at his house in FL.

Check in Next week for an update on how the trip went. Peace.