Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Portland and 2011

WOW a lot has happened since our last post. Where do I start; My Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Portland.....


We decided to finish our basement with Richards help, although is has been a slow process. We aren't in any hurry to finish it up quick so it suits us just fine.
Done: Tape and Mud in one room, frame around pipes in corner of Ping Pong room, frame around one side of beam.
Still to do: Frame, tape and mud, Sheetrock, paint, can lights, carpet, etc.

Sanding down the mud.


Brit has gotten back into dance which I think is great. I have been wanting her to get back into it for some time since she talks about it so much. She finally took the plunge and she has been having a good time with it. She has a performance sometime in the summer so I will keep you all posted so you can come watch her do her herky's (the only dance move I know) and whatnot.
I think it is good for everyo9ne to have something to do to have a release from normal mundane life.


Richard sand in the annual Oratorio Christmas concert, we went again this year and we had a great time. Check it out HERE.


So sometime I will give Brit crap because I am always claiming she can't surprise me.......Boy did she get me this year. I thought she would maybe have something up her sleeve for my birthday but I was talking to a friend and he said he had plans with his family on my B-day. I thought if Brit was going to pull something she would have invited him.
She said we were just going to go out to eat with another couple (Jen and Jeff) and have a nice night out. We walked downstairs to leave and...."Surprise" shouted everyone hiding in the basement. She sure did get me, I didn't suspect anything. Thanks Sweetie, Love you. And thanks to all of my great friends that came and helped out.

Way too many candles.

Thanks for the cakey.


I got pretty good tickets from my work to the Jazz game. We played the Hawks and unfortunately we got smoked. It was fun non the less. Trav and Kylee were there too so we got to hang with them a little bit.

"Hey Bibby give me 5"

Big Al finding some to dish to.


Cole and his Trophy Truck he got for Christmas.

For Christmas I got Brit a waffle cone maker (she had been wanting one for some time)


We went to Brits parents as well and celebrated Christmas with them with some good food and great gifts. I got a pair of really comfy PJ pants, Inception on Blue Ray and the Larry H. Miller Autobiography "Driven" (just to name a few). I actually only have about 10 pages left and it is a great book, Larry Miller did so much for the state of Utah it's amazing!

Brits Niece Sophie

Jack Jack

The Great North West

Next up was Portland! We flew up there on Thursday night. Jen and Jeff also joined us which was cool since they got on our same flights there and back.

We rode Mt. Hood on Monday. It was pretty fun and the snow was pretty good.


Jen and her frosted hair.

(This is just a quick little insert of one Saturday when i went to the Uintas's here in Utah with some friends to session a pillow line. It was a beautiful day.

Drew gettin his. He's got his kit dialed in (for once) this year......

We took our waffle cone maker up there with us to surprise the boys and made some great ice cream cones with the boys.

Here Brit is enjoying hers.

The boys loving their cones.

TJ and his long tongue.

Rachy made chef's hats for the boys.



We went out to a pretty good Mexican restaurant that had live music, it was pretty fun.

Parker Boy

Rachel had heard of a pretty famous doughnut shop downtown called Voodoo Doughnut shop so we went to check it out. I guess their big hit is a Bacon Maple Bar. Yes that's right I said bacon and maple bar in the same sentence.

Check out their menu HERE

Here are a few we purchased. Bubble gum, fruit loops, and M&M's.

While downtown we also went to a Chinese Garden that had free admission due to it being the 15 days of the Chinese new year. This year is the year of the Rabbit. It was right downtown and a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

Here we are gettin all Zenny.

Parker Boy

The flight home went fairly well. Here the boys are and they couldn't be more content. Parker did pretty well for the most part and i would say it was successful plane ride.

Peter Pan, fruit snacks, pretzels and juice. It doesn't any better for these guys.

Finally we got a video of the boys dancing that is hilarious, It was too large to post on the Blog so here is a link to it HERE Gotta love dem boys!